MIGHT– Spiritual Theme of the Month

WILL: I will fulfill my purpose. I will achieve my goals. And I will graduate beyond. All of them are assured, because I will do it. I am not speaking of force, although I do direct energy. I am speaking that which is inside; that which is alive in me. It is deep within; unwavering and true. It reaches into the heavens. While I can make a request of the universe, until my will is included, I will receive half results. Because I accept people as they are and I recognize my experiences as opportunities, my will is good & great! In order to do what I have come to do I must bring forth the real me in all I do; in my work, my relations and even in my body. It is amazing the healing, the strength and the enlightenment that come when I assert myself, while ‘being’ in the rhythm of the universe.


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