WHOLESOME– Spiritual Theme of the Month

SOLITARY: I am actually here for a very simple purpose — to grow in consciousness; to evolve spiritually. It is the process of becoming one-with-all. But, there is no one that can raise my state-of-consciousness for me. No one that will evolve me. I can get ‘confused,’ however, when I think someone is going to ‘take-care-of-me.’ This is a very dangerous game to play. In truth, no one can construct for me the bridge upon which precisely I must cross the stream of life, no one but me, myself, alone. In other words, this is my solitary responsibility; something that I cannot delegate. Once I fully accept this, life becomes simpler. As a matter of fact, it becomes easier and I even attract help. That might sound a little contrary, but it is true. When I accept my part, and do it, I suddenly open myself to all kinds of opportunities where Spirit, the Universe, and people can truly assist me. It is yet another form of spiritual gravity; like attracts like. That is, when I start doing my responsibility, the attraction begins. Even though wishful thinking is nice, it is acting with intention & feeling where wishes really come true.


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