Polish – May 2019

There is attractiveness, an allure, to that which has purpose and been refined to its essence. It is like seeing or watching true craftsmanship. Every movement is without waste or hesitation. Every thought clean, pure and focused on success. Every inspiration and feeling settled deep, peaceful and divine in flow. Once I experience this, once I feel this, I am desirous of more. It’s like something reached in and turned on a switch; something that was asleep awakens. I get turned-on because I am ready, I feel the potential and I honor that which stimulated it. All my experiences will serve me and my wisdom will flow. I will be empowered, as well as empowering, by the next opportunity and the people I am moving towards. It is about my evolution. It is my needs. The amount of ideas and concepts I have worked with over time is tremendous. There are countless situations I have experienced or encountered. I identify and discern what is for me and what is not (what is my business and what is not). Then, I move forward and move on, unafraid to release and let-go of things that do not build me. Much like moving up along an expanding spiral staircase, I shed baggage as I resolutely keep stepping; I no longer need things that weigh me down. It doesn’t take long before I am the one, who is inspiring others with essence of purpose . . . and that prepares me for my next step.

Often heard is that the journey of a thousand miles starts beneath one’s feet. That is to say, I must begin; I must move forward. With all the challenges I can ever experience, it all begins with taking that first ‘step’. Of course, there needs to be the next step after that and so on. “Follow-Through” is the keyword. There is little to no discovery if I only take one step and then stop. Meaning, I blow my energy when I am inspired and then do nothing. A related decoy is trying to refine things before I have the foundation squared away. It’s like making beautiful wood cabinets before I have the building’s walls and roof up. There IS magic in mistakes and I need to be relaxed even while I’m having them. A more spiritually succinct way to say this is, there is magic in motion. Because when I get tense, I am strangling the energy flow. All I need to do is simply relax . . . and remember “everything is going to be alright.” This is a reaffirmation that I evolve, grow and get better ‘on the way,’ not before I start. I get better through action. I imagine myself first like a raw precious stone, poised on the precipice of life — I then take that plunge to get involved in life and as I do, I begin to shine in the process; all the rough bits are removed and a luster develops. Much like a rock in a whirling tumbler jostling with many other rocks. That is why I am here, to furbish up through being-of-service. The greater my service and the more I enjoy the progression of my involvement, the closer I get to becoming one with all. The closer to manifesting the real me.

It is a small matter, whether there is confrontation or tranquility around me. Meaning, what is most important is how, I fulfill my purpose through them. This is the way I find my refinement. With it, my works become art and I become an artist. To be sure, I prefer “tranquility” over confrontation, any day. There will however, always be situations beyond my control — this is planet earth after all. The truth is, I am only in charge of my energy. When I forget that, I will buy-into the illusion of control; reacting to fears of separation. This is a rough way to live. Or less bluntly said as, “living with a lot of wear-and-tear.” This doesn’t feel good and after a while, I need change. If I don’t refine myself beyond it, I will create a cover-up, or manipulate my feelings, through escapism. Elegance, or the elegant solution, is simply moving up in consciousness; outgrowing the problem. This is what it means to become a master of myself. I accept the lessons and genuinely grow from them; I recognize things for what they are and play the game. I can then say or do anything, because it’s not so much what’s said but “how” I say or do it that counts (in my evolution).

While working with people, giving opportunity is important to the growth of the soul. There is no shortcut to achieving this, only feeding and backing the process. When it comes to me, seeking opportunity for my own benefit is essential if I am to do what I have come to do. This is a proactive approach to spiritual growth. Embracing my leadership will make things easier. That is, both inner and outer leadership. I only need to be a little ways ahead, in order to help others behind me. Likewise, I can find inspiration and guidance from those who have advanced merely a few steps ahead of me. That’s what makes my spiritual helpers great, they’ve gone beyond me and can give guidance illuminating my path forward. I must, however, remain vigilant against getting comfy. “Comfy” means, watching from the sidelines, ‘working’ on tangents, or thinking a lot — in the end, “Comfy” is making my comfort more important than my purpose. Until I get wholeheartedly involved, I will not be getting what I need. This means a return to a love-for-life; a childlike beingness. When I am thoroughly involved and being of service with this vibration, I burnish my destiny. Just my way of being brings a nourishment of life; a positive radiation from people and things. All of this and more, simply from giving and taking opportunities that upgrade me to my next plateau.

If I am to have problems, let them be new ones. Or to put it another way, I want the right kind of problems. While I say this tongue-in-cheek, there is tremendous wisdom and common sense in moving on to new challenges once I’ve mastered old ones. When I allow this continual cycle of growth to start manifesting more in my aura, I will experience a brighter and more expansive me. The brilliance of spirit shows up. It’s time to let go and have the discipline to leave alone the things and ideas that do not build me — while those may work for others, they’re not for me. It’s time to be proud of all that I have done (good and bad) — I cannot be divided in my feelings & thoughts, I need to be united and whole. I am past the point of no return; I cannot go back. It’s time to treat myself with a new level of respect. It is moving in, doing what needs to be done and moving out when the energy is highest; me navigating from high to high. I am here to smooth and brighten my life. I am here to improve what I have created. This is what it means to polish, me.



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