ALIGNMENT– Spiritual Theme of the Month

CLEANSED: In order for me to be in harmony I must do my part. While it is true the Universe & Spirit assist me in many many ways, it is nonetheless essential that I rise up to mesh with that vibration. This is a major key to the law of attraction; being in the vibration of what I need & want; being in the vibration of spirit. When I identify the energy I seek, I do my “50%” and start resonating with it. Or to put that another way, I raise my vibration so gravity does its part; me to it, it to me. In this, I learn what is me and not me. I grow by shedding that which is no longer needed and unfolding more of innate, authentic me. I evolve by consistently maintaining this process. Along the way I am bound to hit some stumbling blocks, but I must remember, “The path is made by walking.” This is me being cleansed and it is in every breath I take, in every step I take. That is my part.


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