This is the moment to reinforce my “good ‘nevers’ – never doubt, never flinch or falter, never give up . . . and never say never. The spiritual truth is that I am never ‘without,’ I am always ‘with.’ Constancy demands the acknowledgment that “I am, have been and will always be.” I am One with All. These words express the feeling and fact that I am energy, that “I AM.” Then how can I be anything but unrelenting in seeking opportunity to go deeper into myself, seeking the grace of the evolution revolution.

One constant in my life here on earth is the dynamic interplay between intellect and feeling. My intellect can be influenced by the outer world but my feelings are always true. My rounds and my routines may change from time to time and will change for sure over time, but what is invariable is my systematic observance of my habits and policies. It’s easy to honor my feelings . . . it can be more difficult sometimes to discern the demands of out-of-balance intellect. Getting my key word for the day early every morning, or setting my energy before I go to bed every night, helps keep me be directed on my path. I am my present and I am connected to my past and future.

My power comes from the confidence that I will accomplish what I need, in any situation or time. However, it would be a fallacy to think that I can rush the evolution- of-the-soul. So, sometimes I get there quickly, sometimes a little slower, but always steady within. It is my focus that determines my reality. If I am caught up in competition, glory, or devotion, the world becomes a yawning pit; as a sensitive soul I cannot help but be affected. When my orientation directs me toward happiness, success, and abundance, the world’s best of the best opens itself to me; as a sensitive soul, I cannot help but resonate with these higher vibrations. I am involved always . . . what will be my focus?

One thing I can count on is the arrow of time moving forward, the certainty of change. Am I going to feel swept up in it, carried along by it, or will I be part of making it happen. There is no reason to resist change as long as I am focused on my evolution. The seasons, the sun, the wind, the rain don’t fear change, why should I. As a channel for spirit and the universe, I am a bridge between Heaven and Earth, standing firm. This makes me a lighthouse, a beacon, for my apprentices and others, inspiring through my thrust. Whether I am “Playing-the-Game” in society or in a place without mores, I am true in my truth. That is what makes a good conduit for high energy.

What does it mean to be loyal to my purpose? Many times people feel empowered, even superhuman, in their actions or abilities when they commit to a ‘greater’ (external) purpose. Throughout history there have always been tales of heroes and heroines. But what of the mission of me? Do I invest the same commitment and resolve in my inner life? Do I have the same willingness to what it takes? How can I empower myself with such fire?

Actually, it’s simply a matter of setting it free within me. It is letting the sleeper awaken within. It is good to have ‘mission’ outside, but without mission for self, I truly am running a train on only one track. Eventually, my hinges and gears wear down, and intellectual rebellion results. Indulging in indecision and fickleness makes it easy to get trapped in the intellect and the material world. My message can become the opposite of my thrust. In the final analysis, I do things for my own benefit. It is the master, who can do this in such a way that service benefits the masses. This is the real win, win, win. This is not about being a ‘do-gooder’; it’s about fulfilling my potential.

I must distinguish what is variable and what is invariable. Unpredictability can make me fearful; fear can make me unpredictable . . . to myself, to others, and to the energy of the universe. Outside authority — people and things around me – can stimulate irregularity, and unless I’m consistent with my own inner authority, I will progress only in fits and starts. Healthy competition is putting forth my best effort, and it’s entirely different than the negativity of my competing just for the sake of being competitive. This is a line that I must not stray over. Constantly refreshing and maintaining my Big Picture, that everything is a means to an end, is what gives me an enduring tenacity to truly “be in it to win it.” I have staying power because I have signed up for the long run.

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