I am one-with-All. I am, I have been and always be. There is no separation. The only separation I have is the one I ‘think’ I have. This is both mystical and practical, spiritual and material. It is All very simple. As a matter of fact, while there are amazing and astounding things I continue to discover about my world, everything is simple. Not only is it simple, but it is in abundance. It may be ‘sophisticated’ on the surface, but sophisticated is made up of many very simple things. In my life, and in All things, I know when I turn sophisticated into complicated I am in trouble. It is usually marked by minding other people’s business, instead of my own. It can quickly go from affluent and abundant to restricted and lacking. That is part of the illusion, one I continue to peel away. My evolution is in pace with my ability to peel away the bondages of ignorance.
‘Ignorance,’ is the greatest thing I can hope to lose while I am here. All things are good and pure in the right time and place. I am simply rediscovering the wealth of the Real Me and how free I really am.

Great waterfalls begin with single drops of water. This is the power of Inspiration. Inspiration is continuously flowing. It is the expression of the Divine, within and without. My true-feelings bring forth ‘inspiration.’ From inspiration comes ideas, from ideas I move to communicate and from communication I am free to get involved & grow. Inspirations flow best when I am at-peace and know, see, understand and feel the abundance around me. Energy is energy. It cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed. The more I understand this the more I am free and realize I have everything I need.

However, it is important that I do not buy-into the concept of, ‘a free-lunch.’ One way or another, there is a price to pay. A sure way to slow my progress and create a negative pool of energy is to look for, something-for-nothing. This does not mean I have to suffer through life. On the contrary, it is my own evolution that dictates finding greater ease in my journey … and to be completely clear, this means finding the most effective and efficient way to evolve and grow spiritually. This is why I seek-out opportunities to be of service, for an exchange. I have come to recognize the power and evolvement that happens when I am being of service. The more I recognize ‘Why’ I am here, the easier it is to do-what-I-have-come-to-do, and pass it on.

Every goal I work with needs to have a spiritual component (the fun and fulfillment) and a material component (the work and involvement). As I begin reaching my targets, with this balance, I feel a tremendous satisfaction; a peace-that-passes-understanding – A joy within. Applying this toward my goals draws them to me with greater ease. And achieving my goals in this way releases the full ‘Fulfillment;’ it creates heaven-on-earth. In my journey, as well as sharing with people, I need to be militant about ‘not buying into’ greater or lesser. That is a decoy and distraction from the truth. There are no greater or lesser souls, only different states of consciousness. I believe in the evolution of the soul. How can I then, ever, believe that someone is better or less-than? Even the person on the street is providing a form of service. Every job is fulfilling a need or want. It could not exist for long without this energy. I may not need or want it, but if it’s there someone does … there is energy for it. When the energy dries up, so does the opportunity. In this way I respect it and I can honor the people doing it. I don’t always agree with everything out there, but I certainly respect it. Without respect, I am setting myself up to suffer. I did not come here to do that. Suffering is an alarm.

With continued commitment to myself and my purpose I start shining a little brighter each day. This attracts and repels at the same time. The ones who need what I have pulled-together will be drawn toward me, and I to them. It is important that I am clear with my direction. Otherwise I will have all this energy, time and resources show up and I won’t invest them well. It is not so-much what I do, but how I do it. Regardless of what I am involved in, if it is helping-people-to-help-themselves I will have tremendous backing. I sometimes say, “I am in the business of working my way out of a job.” The spirit in this is to, pass-it-on so they can do the same. This can be very different to the many games within society. There are many ‘hooks’ due to fear. The strength of my ‘Spiritual Moral Fiber’ will be tested and show when I no longer accept the concepts of ‘Scarcity,’ ‘Comfiness,’ or ‘Despair.’ In short my opportunity is to, live life the very best I know how. It means I will need to face things about myself I have resisted. It means I will need to let-go of things I am out-growing. And it means accepting the new me, as well as accepting people where they are. This is the price I pay in order to become a Master of Myself. I am willing to pay that price. I am willing to be a Wayshower.

The only real way for me to get confused is to rebel against myself. The hallmark of a poverty-state- of-consciousness is not doing with what I have; avoiding the full involvement with what I have pulled together. There is no grass that is greener than my own. ‘I am perfect for what I came do.’ I am not interested in competition, glory or devotion … I am too busy having fun and building. It is not a world of too little, it is a world of opportunity … and there is ‘Plenty’ of me.


The Way of the Wayshower® ©Alley Creative Inc. 2016