SINGULAR– Spiritual Theme of the Month

EXCEPTIONAL: One. One-with-All. This is reality with tremendous depth. And yet, with all its depth it remains simple. I cannot ‘think’ my way into it. I cannot fight or win to achieve it. Such a relaxed and balanced state of consciousness will always be elusive to me if I strive. The reality is, I must grow into it. There is no shortcut . . . even if I wish it were otherwise. It’s like the tides of the ocean or the tug of gravity, not matter how hard I think or fight, they are here and I cannot change them. Once I realize I AM here to grow, life becomes simpler. I will start doing what my spiritual guidance did . . . become a master of self (myself). How many times have I jumped into analyzing & dissecting something, before I have even grasped the feeling for what I need or want? But something wonderful happens in all that process. I begin to realize there is something more, something exceptional. I realize it’s all here for me. I settle into the reality that nothing can truly be taken or given and that I am only renting here. It frees me to be free, while still playing the game of planet earth. In other words, I can have all the things I want, but I remain crystal clear in my purpose and that which I take with me.


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