PERFECTION– Spiritual Theme of the Month

FULFILLMENT: Being successful in my purpose, as well as in any venture, begins with knowing who I am. Knowing this means I can work in almost any situation and with just about anyone. It’s the old wisdom — Know thyself; From one thing, know ten thousand things. And all I need is the basics of who (and what) at core I am. The rest I will unfold and discover along the way. In order to do this however, I must be more than willing, I must actually apply my energies. If I do not, I will become merely a daydreamer. I will be dabbling in many things but not be truly immersed in them . . . and just as poor, I will be spread too thin. Fulfillment comes from commitment and involvement. And that starts with the commitment and involvement of me, to me. With that decision clear, I go forward fully realized; I will be true to my course and to all.


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