What, when, where, why . . . facts. THE Facts. Everything in nature can use them, consciously and instinctively. I can use them for myself or against myself. As a Wayshower I am consciously and instinctively fulfilling my ‘purpose’. Once I have made the commitment to do-what-I-have-come-to-do, the ‘when’ and ‘where’ are then heightened. My vibration shifts from a survival to an arrival. Meaning, the timing and location are all I need to pin down. Because, once I am clear that, I am energy and I am here to learn & grow, there is only ‘good’ and ‘better’. I’m going to get there, I’m going to make it. Anxiety turns into excitement. So, it’s never a question of ‘IF’, it’s just when and where. That’s the key to ‘Heaven-on-Earth’ . . . that’s the key to peace & prosperity . . . that’s the key to everything that is here & now.

If I consistently do something against myself, it becomes a Habit. If I perpetuate the habit, it becomes a Syndrome. If I feed the syndrome, it becomes a black hole. It’s amazing how easy it is to create complex means to live based on fears, worry or guilt. The bigger picture is however, if I feel myself caught up in game, in which case I have NO power to get out. When I accept my part and take responsibility for that “50%,” I then have all the power necessary to change what I need. That I am limited is only an illusion – but as a creator, if I try hard enough I can find an excuse, or way, to feel limited. Here is the timely message, I leave alone anything thing that hurts me. Not because it’s bad, but because I haven’t learned how to handle it. Once I mature a little I can reactivate that opportunity. Not knowing, then learning, is growing.

What does it mean to be in the ‘Right Place, at the Right Time?” What do I need to unfold to be at the right place and the right time . . . all the time? I know what it feels like! It’s heaven; I’m flowing within my opportunities, I’m joyful, growth is natural, I feel all my needs met and I feel free enough to give of myself. It’s like reaching for the phone just as the person I’m needing is calling me. I have heard many complicated ways to get to that placed and into that space, but it’s really as simple as “Feel-Think-Act.” It is acting and communicating when the need is there. Too simple for me to accept sometimes. Indeed, there are times when I am genuinely feeling blocked and ‘confused’. That’s when a little GUIDANCE goes a long way. In the chaos of battle, in the heat of confrontation, in the darkness of confusion or in the void of limbo, I cleanse. I cleanse and return to the Real Me and my purpose. I re-center myself. It is then I work with Spirit, through my true-feelings, for guidance. I organize what I feel and move into action. I don’t want anyone to do it for me, I just ask for a point in the right direction. Through my feelings I regain momentum and very quickly I am back where I need to be and doing what needs to be done, now. It’s important not to forget that a sure way keep myself off my timing and in the wrong place is to play mental gymnastics and get involved in moral issues.

I am here with a simple message . . . Spiritual Freedom. I am involved with it because I am getting something out of it; it’s in my best interest. I’m not here to ‘save’ anyone, nor am I here to change anyone. If I accept myself then I accept people where they are. That is Respect. Trying to save people or change them is right near the top of disrespect. If however I am living happy & free, I am an example. I freely share what works for me and release it. By empowering myself I empower others. I give them space to heal and believe in themselves again. The harmony in ‘Moving with Spirit’ becomes one with my own goals and aspirations. In-other-words, through fulfilling my needs and achieving my wants, with a willingness to ‘pass-on what I have pulled together,’ I am a conduit for Spirit and the Universe.

In this brave world, that I forge into, I am aware that the Maze and Programing I pocked up is never very far from me. Whether recent or from a long time ago, I can manifest such restrictive habits right back into my lap. Some of it helped me survive. Some of it keeps me in survival. Without turning it into an intellectual game, I need to discern what Is me and what Is not me, what works for me and what doesn’t. By releasing the past areas that no longer serve me, I create a vacuum to draw in new routines and opportunities. All that is necessary in the process is a pure feeling and clarity of what I want to move toward. It truly is amazing how things come together when I am committed to my goals and Spirit.

There are many times many divine inspirations and opportunities are available to me each day. If I but follow-through on just one, I will become even more of a success than I am now. The water is always there, all I need to do is reach for it and drink. When I put everything I have into everything I do I cannot help but be successful. I am the lucky charm, I am the abundance, I am the Love. I am perfect, for what I come to do. That which is Auspicious is that which is fulfilling its purpose.

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