Mine own ‘well’ within overfloweth. My energy is love, without end. I am energy, I am love. It cannot be taken, nor given. I am it. I express my energy (my love) through ‘true-concern.’ TRUE … CONCERN. It allows me to imbue value into what I am doing. It puts ‘me,’ into what I do. It also allows me to ‘share,’ what I have pulled together, with others. I am here to share my love and be of service. I am here to grow in consciousness. I cannot share what I do not have. So, I have the feeling, empathy, understanding, care, concern, tenderness and warmth for myself. That is the key to Loyalty-to-Self. It is not selfish or wrong to think of myself first. The only problem is when I start thinking the world cannot rotate without me. I love you as I love myself. I share with you as I share with myself. I accept you as I accept myself. Compassion begins within and spreads-out.

There is truth in all things, but no one thing has all the truth. The truth is in ‘true-feelings.’ This allows me to better feel and understand where people are ‘at’ and how I can be of service. I do not see their life or ‘problems’ as funny or sad, good or bad, because I respect the power of the Soul. I respect they are creators and can create. I may not want to indulge in their vibration but I truly respect it. Having respect and empathy for people is essential; Sympathy for people is personality & dishonor. When I return to the view-point of the soul, I really love my life and I love people. I can share and give-of-my-self, without hooks. I then also avoid the pitfalls and no-no’s that comes from biting on other people’s hooks. This allows me to sail amongst others and enjoy in peace and not get all tied-up with them.

I have done a great deal of work on myself. I dove deep into waters where many resist swimming. I have discovered things that can take lifetimes to discover. In doing this it is important that I stay regrouped and fellowship. It is important to connect with the familiar, and the new. It is important I have a sense of progress. If I do not, I start becoming hard inside. I will experience vibrations of, “What’s the point” and “None of it matters.” Then it forms a broken record of evils that creates indifference, which pollutes everything. Intellectual remedies become my addictive ‘fix.’ It is called, The Crisis of Identity. I ignore who I really am, where I really came from and to where I am really going. I find the ‘Excuse’ to leave-myself-out. It is a lack of kindness and consideration for self. But, it only takes one spark for my fires to reignite. That spark comes from Pure Involvement and Pure Sharing. When I feel alone and cornered, “Letting-go”, “Surrendering”, “Giving-it-up” and “Giving-in-to-it” are all ways for the intellect to get freed-up. In essence I forgive myself and plunge into the moment, singing all the way! It will always be thesimple things that free me. That is why I remain love, because I Keep-It-Simple-Spiritual. Anytime my life feels complicated, I can reignite with simplicity.

I am not alone. Thinking so is an alarm. I have help. In fact, I have all the help I need. Accepting this is also part of the Golden Rule. Am I so proud that I do not see all the opportunities available to me? Am I too proud to ask? I am willing to put my energy and time into what I need and want. That’s all it takes. I don’t have to do it all; I don’t have to do it alone. As a matter of fact, the better I Give Opportunity the more will be available to me. When I organize my service to help people to help themselves, I have tremendous support. It is an amazing thing, when I am consistently following my inner-compass my course gets easier. The more I deny my feelings and instincts, or blow my timing, life becomes hard work. Better to fulfill with my sensitivity and Guidance … that’s benevolence.

I regenerate myself when I affirm that I am the greatest. When I honestly say this to myself, I am filled with the real me. Through this, I am closer to my Guidance more than ever. Their compassion is almost overwhelming. They do not ‘cater’ to me, baby me and they do not force me. They are crystal clear in everything they do ‘with’ me. Because of their compassion & true- concern, I have a guideline to work with people. My commitment to my personal spiritual growth is my compassion to myself. Sharing and being a Wayshower is the ultimate compassion to others.


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