PEACE: There are no words that can really explain how I feel when I am at peace. All is good and All is perfection; I am at home . . . I AM home. I flow into service and opportunity — I feel at ease and things come naturally. I am aware of spirit’s backing all around me. And as I do my part, I am free. With this vibration, my light shines and my light grows. I am in charge of my energy. Or to say it another way, “I am directed, dynamic and decisive.” I know that what I experience is for all time, and I am enjoying it all. I am beginning to feel what it is like for my Helpers (my guidance), doing their works; “freedom in, liberation out.” This feeling is not an ‘escape,’ or a way to get away. On the contrary, it is lucid, here and now. I am aware of myself and all around me. The more I relax into it, the more it comes out from me. I imagine fulfilling my potential, at all times . . . that’s the vibration I am becoming. That is the vibration of moving from space time to light time.


The Way of the Wayshower®
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