Reclamation- April 2019

My affluence will manifest powerfully when I accept it. That means I am, “flowing towards, flowing freely.” It is the inevitable result of taking ownership of my life and my purpose. Which is to say, those two little words of, Loyalty and Responsibility, are squarely in my ballpark. I do not need to fight for it or fight life. I can just ‘be’ and have it all. It has however proven itself to be clear, time after time, if I cease to do what I have come to do, I will make things hard and expensive for myself; I will pay a high price for what I already have and waste my precious time here. I am great and can build on that greatness. Even when I am feeling less-than-great I can cultivate greatness through my direction and vibration. I love my opportunity . . . I love it! With every “failure,” I am rendered new; they are stepping stones. There is not one thing I will encounter that I am not already a part of. I have already won the race, now it’s time to really be of service to myself and to people, and to enjoy it all. It’s time to live inspired . . . all the time, all the way.

There is a reference to ‘being in my niche,’ of having more up days than down. In other words, if I am having more ups than downs I am doing ok. If not, it’s time for a little shifting. I have had days I was on top of the world. I have had days that I felt underneath it. As I progress my recovery time does too; I get up, faster and wiser. During those times of “downs” I need to come home. Not to a place, but to a space. While perhaps the phrase has been overused, I need to come home to love. That is the stuff that is holding my cells together . . . that kind of love. It is in there, I find my divinity and commune with nature and the source. I have heard others refer to it as, being whole. This of course feels like a tall order when I am feeling bad or low. No amount of outer love will shift me back into my greatness. I must pull myself up. Ironically, for all the time I spend in darkness, it takes but seconds to shift my feeling and thinking into a positive power. This is a big change from feeling lack, loss or hopelessness. None-the-less, it happens quickly when I am re-inspired. I do not have troubles with anything, so long as I have the courage to love myself, completely and wholly. How can I truly share anything until I overflow.

The term, fake-it-till-I-make-it, is a useful one. I don’t need to lie to myself, however I do need to be in the flow of water if I want head down stream. Meaning, if I am feeling negative I’m paying a price for not springing into action; it’s high time for me to do the Positive Punch technique. By getting involved into what I want, I start ‘having it’ and ‘being it.’ There is no improvement, growth, or even fun, sitting on the sidelines of life. But that is how I stay stuck and confused — I sit on the fence, waiting. In working with those I am here to be of service to, I Inspire, prompt (nudge) and Lead. That is what I am and that is what I do, for myself and for others. This is of course what my Spiritual Helpers do, too. I receive hints, messages and sometimes even a kick in the pants. Why . . . because I asked for it! I am here with a purpose, remember. I organized myself to be here. Not all souls have done this. And to state it again, for all to hear, “I give my guidance full permission to come into my life and help me fulfill my purpose.” They are committed to sharing their wisdom and I am committed to accomplishing my purpose with it.

Within my rhythms & routines there is a need for inspirations and aspirations. It is essential I flavor my daily activities with a little spice. That is to say, I need to feel at least a little success pretty much every single day. But I do not need to drink the ocean or eat the whole elephant in one sitting. One sip and one bite at a time is just fine. I just need to “feel,” that what I am doing is purposeful. More specifically, when I am confident that every basic routine I do is beneficial and building, I come alive in my ‘Dailies.’ This turns the mundane into a magic. I will imbue my thrust in my activities and tap the source; water will flow and light will shine. This becomes a powerful force I can rely on. Anytime I am feeling a little home-sick, I return to my “rhythms & routines.” Almost instantly, I will be back in the game of life, having fun.

The “Business of Me” is what I have come to invest in. The only times I buy-into fear of success is when I stop minding my business. It is tempting and alluring to mind the business of others — there will always be a “cause” to get caught up in. Some excuse to get my cage rattled. The solution to most “problems,” whether in here or out there, is greater self-respect. I respect your rights as I respect my own; my boundaries end where yours begin. I will mind my business, you mind yours. It is amazing how many worries and troubles fall away with a little more self-respect. This is apparent and clearly shown when people come together who have their loyalties in order. A true exchange is then possible. Otherwise, I am sifting through a maze of personalities and ego and so are they. No one has the right, or power, to prevent me from doing my life’s work. On the contrary, I have to give it away . . . it can never be taken. Should I find myself sunk in a feeling of powerlessness, I can change it. I reawaken and reaffirm who I am, where I came from and where I am going. There is no need to complicate these facts. My feelings, my thoughts and my actions . . . it’s that simple. I am regenerated anytime, and every time, I simplify my energy into constructive action. It is both in the moment and through that process I am empowered. Anything I think I have lost, then becomes at hand. What was once the domain of Spirit, leavens my achievements and life. That is my reclamation.


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