OVERHAUL– Spiritual Theme of the Month

REBIRTH: There comes a time I must do more than alter a little habit here or there. A time for more than simply adjustments. And I will know it by how often I feel unsettled inside. It is knowing there is more to me than where I’m at. That feeling can be echoed as, “If I do what I’ve always done I’m going to get what I’ve always got.” Of course, that saying doesn’t do the feeling justice; it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Instead, as a matter of fact, there is a need for more, the need to out-grow where I’m at. This is my time for rebirth. It is a reawakening and opening to my next adventure — notice I said “my adventure,” and not someone else’s. And so, change and transformation come easier and smoother with vision; that which cannot be seen by the naked eye, but rather with the inner eye alone. The rebirth will also come when I align myself with spirit, then I will willingly change to fulfill my goals. I begin with what is simple; a step, a breath. I follow that with doing what I can do now; another step. And if I stay loyal towards my goals, step by step, I will evolve and change along the way. My new heights, my new boundaries, my new freedoms and yes, my renewed Me, all arise from following the feeling of peace & freedom — Following spirit’s call.


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