What am I commanded? By whom? What do I command myself? Where does my free-will fit in, if ‘Spirit’ and the Universe have a Plan’? I can feel trapped if I ignore that I am part of the Universe, part of the Plan, that I am part of Spirit. A piece of me is in it; I am in it!

It takes a strong intellect to ‘buy-into’ separation, or find excuses to feel controlled & manipulated, because in reality there is no separation between Spirit, the Universe and my true self. Spirit and the Universe are in the business of receiving and giving orders so . . . what orders am I giving? Am I clear? Am I doing my 50%? If I am playing a game with myself, a game I will get back. So it’s time to commit and fulfill my charge. The only question now is — in the river of spirit, do I want to swim in the fast moving middle, or in the slower currents that eddy around the rocky edges.

The cosmos holds no demands over me, other than respecting universal laws. These principles are my foundation and ‘what I take with me’. Such dictates as “live-and-let-live,” the “laws of attraction,” and the “laws of abundance” are immutable throughout time and space. Honoring them is my guide. As I evolve here however, I discover that there are fewer and fewer laws . . . mostly guidelines . . . and that I must discern the difference between “a command” and “a suggestion.” Knowing the difference, rather than mistaking the difference, is the key to playing the game and doing what I have come to do.

At what level do I need (or want) to play the game? I appreciate that there are always souls above and below where I am at; the present consciousness I have achieved. It’s taken a good deal of time and energy to be where I am, it actually takes considerable effort to work against myself. I continue to need to be cautious about creating blocks between me and my goals. My direction can become diluted if I over indulge in the ‘Moral Issues’ of this world, like greater and lesser, rich against poor, and the many other false divisions fostered by society.

I change. Times change. People change. It’s important to acknowledge that some good things and good times, which I’ve experienced, are receding in the distance. Unless I stay alert to detect and neutralize thoughts like, I should get in touch with this person, and I should make a point of doing that again, I may fragment myself or blow my timing. It isn’t that I’m leaving anyone or anything behind; it’s simply that I’m moving forward. Preoccupation with what ‘was’, is like trying to walk into a room without letting go of the door handle. So, rather than trying to hold on to the past, I can open myself more fully to the fresh opportunities which are at hand.

Leadership means I must be sure to ‘claim’ my happiness, ‘claim’ my success, and ‘claim’ my abundance. The nature of things, both inside and out, is that if I do not maintain my claim to my mastery, I am unconsciously giving it up. Without deeply understanding what’s me and not me, I open myself to disorganized energies.

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