That which is spiritual, is practical. Meaning, within all I do, there is: Myself — Guidance — Universe. When I apply this into what I am actually doing at any given moment, I cannot help but be successful. It is a recipe that puts purpose into the job; and that essential ingredient turns that ‘job’ into an opportunity. Still, it must be real to me and my situation. It’s pragmatic to ask myself, “How do I know if what I am doing will bear me fruit” (versus being a tangent)? I see a flower; its parent plant needs good soil, water and sunshine to create the ‘flower’ that will eventually result in seed. But that’s not all . . . each plant also needs insects, animals, and the overall general environment to play its part in pollinating and dispersing those seeds. Nature, and the universe, are full of hints & tips to make things easier for myself. The first ‘hint’ is, I need a nourishing environment. This applies to the inner and to the outer alike. If I am treating myself like trash, there is little value in changing environments; I will eventually trash that new environment as well. I must first recognize the strength & freedom I already am . . . only then can I truly begin to start manifesting into the material (the physical). To say it another way — I treat myself with honor, as one who is powerful and peaceful. This is the pivot point I make my decisions from. Another ‘hint’ is, “I didn’t come here to build all by myself.” I need people in my life; to work with and stimulate me, so that I productively cultivate & accomplish what I have come to do. People are my greatest asset when it comes to my evolvement. Sometimes, I will be pushed out of my comfort zone, so I think bigger. I will be drawn to doing better (and more). All of which I signed up for. I am already a success merely for being here, but it is my life and I must claim it; that makes the difference between a survival vibration and the richness of an Affluent Life.


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