ONENESS – August 2018

In order to really begin, I must be whole with my needs. In order to really flow in the middle of the river, I must be whole with my needs. In order to really graduate, I must be whole with my needs. Sounds like there is a little theme there . . . that’s because, that’s what it takes — a little consistency. There is a great deal of busy work which appears in front of me almost every single day, but until I am one with the things I take with me, I’m going really fast but nowhere. In other words, I will be doing a lot of things but not accomplishing much. It is my Beingness that I measure, as a soul. I cannot “think” my way to heaven, nor can I think my way into evolvement. Only from Growth . . . “growth” that came from experiencing. It is, has been and will always be. That is the stuff I take with me, that is the stuff that is the heart-of-the-matter.

There is a glue that binds me here, fibers that keep things held together. That is my mission. There are many things I can do and be a part of, good things, BUT I must make sure I am fulfilling my mission (my purpose) within it all. There are few “absolutes” in the world, but this is one. I do not need to be perfect to do it. I do not need to know lots of data, or even have big degrees. What I do need is to fulfill my heart’s desires. That is to say, what I really want to do. It is through this feeling I unfold and gather what I need, along the journey. If I am trying to be or have something perfect, I am confusing my unfoldment with my objectives. I am perfect for what I come to do. I may not be perfect for what you come to do, but I am perfect for what I come to do (this includes all my imperfections). I become “complete”, by fulfilling my mission.

When I experience a challenge, then experience that same kind challenge again and again and again . . . I am learning, but not growing. If I do not integrate the lessons in my opportunities I will continue to attract them, in some way. This can create more challenges and complications, in something that is simple. When I stop accepting that my opportunities, my relations and my whole life is about growth, I become a real good manipulator. I become un-clean, in my motives. There is a whole lot of maneuvering but no genuine forward progress. And when I do have a little success, it was hard work and is little lasting. It amounts to one big head-trip.

This all fixes itself when I come home. Home to the joy, fun and love in what I am doing, and organizing myself to move toward what I want. It’s positively infectious when I do it. People get stimulated with their own joy, fun and love. I also start seeing more vividly what’s me and, perhaps even more importantly, what isn’t. The ones held back by fear, worry and guilt really start showing themselves. All I need to do is be reverent and accept that the burden of these heavy concepts is their challenge & lesson, not mine . . . and keep forging on ahead (showing the way).

Planet Earth teems with billions of people but spiritually, I come in alone and I go out alone. This is because I have a unique identity and a unique purpose. Many others, both guidance and souls with physical bodies, interact with me as they pursue their own growth and their own goals. There is a reason I have incarnated at this particular time and in this particular place, and much of that has to do with those I encounter along my way and the relationships I form.

Everything I experience is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Attaining — and maintaining — such a holistic awareness is vital to my peace of mind, my inner tranquility. Every bite I eat, every breath I take, every thought I have, becomes a part of me . . . and every part of me becomes a part of the larger universe. Gazing up at the sky each day or marveling at the night time stars fills me with the inner knowing that the cosmos is my real home. I am connected. There is a “oneness” both within me and without me. It is rightfully said: The only separation I have is the one I ‘think’ I have.

This makes boundaries all the more important. Even as I am exposed to many things, paramount is what is me and what is not me. In dealing with the world around me, I must know where I begin and end, what “is my business” and what “is not my business.” That way I can be involved with my environment without getting swallowed up by it. It is eternally reassuring to know and feel that I belong. I appreciate that I am, I have been, and I will always be. Oneness begins and ends with the Real Me.


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