My spiritual success is largely governed by my consistency, my innate forward-moving cadence.  In the physical world, within a matter of 20 years from infancy I can learn to walk, talk, reproduce and even design sophisticated rockets to other planets.  The Real Me, however, the spiritual being within, grows at a nice and steady clip over a longer span of time.  That is why I need to be patient with myself and not try to rush my evolution.  I’m not here to waste time, but putting myself under pressure serves no one.  Observing my first loyalty is the key.  My outer must always return to my inner.

Being in tune with Spirit & the Universe requires being loyal to my plan.  This is the only way to be in harmony with the All.  Spirit can help through guidance, but I must do the work within.  If I do not find heaven within, I will not find it when I pass-on or anywhere outside me . . . for how can I see something I am blind to.

Once I become truly passionate about myself, my wants and needs become that of Spirit and the Universe.  I rise to the vibration of one-with-all, while still fulfilling My unique purpose.  This is the Flow.  I must ‘feel’ the Flow, ‘go with’ the Flow, ‘become one with’ the Flow, and ‘Be the Flow.’  Without this Beingness, I will always be trying to give an ‘idea’ rather than share a feeling.  It is amazing what happens to both my energy and vibration when I am willing to love myself and share what that feels like, in all my expressions . . . it’s a peace that passes understanding.

I resonate with a unique, never-ceasing ‘beat,’ so I cannot slow my inner pace to match people’s outer pace, nor become caught up in their controversies.  Playing the game does not mean being so “honest” that I am dishonest with myself, or that I create needless infamy for myself; I can become an outcast.  I have to discern ‘what’ I am working with and harmonize with it.

Rhythmic awareness and control are crucial in working with people, knowing when to breathe out, when to breathe in, when I sound the high clear tone of a chime and when my sound is like the thump of a deep bass drum.  Elevating my state of consciousness allows others to rise to a higher state of consciousness too . . . and everyone wins.  My stability comes from crystal clear motives and Giving Opportunity to others.  In the end, people are my greatest assets.

‘Wants’ are good and healthy.  Having aspirations gives clarity to my goals and keeps me in motion toward them.  Material growth and achievement are a byproduct of my spiritual search.  Maintaining this health and goodness requires that I utilize the things of the physical world, in such-a-way, as to minimize getting “possessed by my possessions.”  Once I realize that all material things are here for “investment” purposes, I relax, flow, and build.  How can I insure that I am building?  As I once heard said, “Add, multiply, divide and do as little subtraction as possible.”

To me, love-of-the-game is what it’s all about.  I need to be present — in the beautiful now — to have a real measure.  Acceptance, of people and the world around me, is the most effective and efficient way to be able to be of service, as well as master my energy.  Be myself, share myself, be myself, share myself.  Repeat.It’s truly comforting that I am, have been, and always will be a work-in-progress.  I am always creating.  I can re-create the pattern I am in, if it serves me.  Or I can create a new one.  There is a rhythm to my evolution & growth, a distinctive pulse and reverberation when I move with my thrust.  The more I peel the layers off, the more universal I am and become. . .. the more I am in rhythm.

The Way of the Wayshower®  ©Alley Creative Inc. 2016