ROMANTIC– Spiritual Theme of the Month

VISIONARY: Whether there is calm or turmoil, I am at peace in all waters. Whether people around me are bright or shadowed, I am light and radiate the same. Whether there is sureness or doubt, I trust & believe in myself. There is a difference between thinking about the path and walking the path. What I have come to realize is, it is many times easier to “walk the path” than it is to think about it. By design, I am here to be involved — to accept and seek-out opportunity. As I do, my whole beingness comes alive. However, I do not experience this aliveness when I am uninvolved. I have heard people say, it is something special to truly see what is within, but I know it is normal to be a visionary; to be one with my vision. It is simple really — I make my vision essential and more important than any bad habits. That’s it! The rest is loyalty. With all I have encountered, with all I have learned, and with all I have pulled together, I am still amazed at how simple life is and how fundamental what I come to do. There is no suffering unless I want it. There is no disaster unless I contribute to it. There is no fear unless I hold on to my ignorance. I am made-up of all things, and I have just begun to enjoy them and pass them on.


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