INNATE– Spiritual Theme of the Month

INHERENT: I have looked in books for answers, but only found more questions. I have copied people, but only created shadow. I have run from problems, but they only caught up to me. The facts are, I am the beginning and the end. It is me and it always will be. The nature of things is such that, I have everything I need for all my situations. Inherent in me are the Laws of the Universe and the perfection of me is one of them. In other words, all my situations are perfect for me and what I have come to do. They are my steps to wisdom, peace and freedom. It is this reality that keeps me connected and in-touch with the universe and my guidance; I become more one with all. It’s time to love life at the next level — my next level. That means having a little more self-respect. As I do, I will realize my potential through the process of reaching my goals. This is the amazing life within, that overflows into my service and the people I connect with. All because I have let the love out; that which is my true vibration.


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