NEED– Spiritual Theme of the Month

THIRST: There is something inside that does not go away; a constant, regardless of circumstance or people. That “something,” provides both drive and stillness. It can sometimes get covered-up, but never leaves. It is the call of the Spirit; My Spirit. The Real Me is clear and unwavering. And amazingly, when I follow my true feelings, I am successful. The more I am tuned-into it the more I really live life. In the end, there is only what I have pulled together for myself; everything else is a means-to-an-end. My level of freedom and inner peace is never really in doubt. I know exactly how I’m doing at any given time. Sometimes I’m doing well and sometimes . . . not-so-well. The reality is, I will be parched until I am fulfilled with purpose. That is why there is a desire; a thirst to grow and evolve. In this opportunity of mine, it can get challenging. I can get complacent, or even scared into distraction and diversion, but the true feeling is always there (and I simply tune-back-in in order to re-discover who I really am).


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