There is magic and wonder in a Star going through its lifecycle. The very same can be said about the birth and transition of one single person. A great deal is known about both. The more we know, the more it becomes a science. There is however, a great deal we do not ‘know’. This is the realm of the mystical.

Is my life simple in its complexity, or is it complex in its simplicity. The miracle is that it is both. The scientific and the mystical are equally ‘Wonderful’. Embracing the best of both worlds is the true miracle. Moment by moment, I am in awe of the magic that happens within me and around me.

My intellectual nature is amazed and set ablaze by limitless opportunity and possibility. My feeling nature is connected and in harmony with endless opportunities and possibilities. I am a creator … and I will be creating, one way or another. The Miracle is not in the fantastic or astounding, it is in the acknowledgment and awareness of me and what I am doing. The greatest thing I can hope to lose, while I am here, is ignorance. There is always a bigger picture.

When I really get in touch with my inner self, and settle into my life’s work, stress tends to evaporate. And releasing pressure makes it easier to breathe, to utilize the oxygen so freely available to all. My natural magnetism grows stronger once I accept that I am actually in part sponsored by the Universe. It’s astonishing that I have a chance to exist and grow in a world that usually isn’t too hot or too cold, too hard or too soft, too light or too dark, too fast or too slow.

I have frequent experience with the miraculous because I drive a motor vehicle on the highway. This means I have basic trust . . . in myself and in my fellow citizen . . . that the “rules of engagement” will be respected. Considering everything, it’s remarkable that things go as well as they do. My life is miracles large and small as long as I respect my personal loyalty; at all times, I must maintain my boundaries and guidelines clear.


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