FREEDOM – April 2018

There is not a time, nor a place, nor a circumstance that I do not have the ability to fulfill my purpose. Whether it is in the face of tremendous odds and challenge, or in the calm of a day’s routine. Indeed, I can liberate myself from the yoke of ignorance. I am still amazed to this day how my own shortsightedness can hold me back. And as it has been said before, “Ignorance is the greatest thing I can hope to lose while I am here.” I can do this. I do, do this. As a matter of fact, I choose how I do this within every moment. While it is true I am sometimes on autopilot, it is still me and my decisions. So, I can do it with tension . . . or with ease. The more I am welcoming of ideas and concepts, the more I find what I need and the more I become One with All—I get what I need and release the rest to be free. In other words, the better I can work with my energy and improve my vibration, the more I am in the process of graduation, or becoming a master of myself.

There is neither lack nor limit. The only deficiencies or barriers I find are the ones I unwittingly trained myself to believe in. There is good news: should I uncover limiting concepts within, I can change them into something that works for me. First, I start by celebrating my independence and what I have pulled together for myself. Then, I can be part of the whole and really become a team player. This makes change easier; it is the stuff that turns dreams into reality.

What is innate to the Soul? What is “innate” to the Real Me? Innate is defined as: Inborn or Natural. And so, what is inborn or natural to me? Without question, spiritual Freedom is natural and inborn. I empower myself when I make who and what I am—Energy, a Soul, or intelligent light—fully part of my feelings and understanding. I will experience an emancipation from the things that scare me. I will even start more consciously doing what I have come to do. The Universe will truly become my playpen. This is not some kind of a bumper sticker I’m quoting, it’s the reality that I am a creator.

But when I get all tied-up inside with fears, planning and regrouping turn into worry and guilt. I end up building-in restrictions on my success by living in the future and past. It’s like creating something based on what I don’t want, rather than creating based on what I do what. So I end up constructing a box for myself, a box that I must fit in. If there are things opposite to my purpose, then this would be one of them: self imposed prisons of fears, and little or no facts. I do not need to fight other people’s battles for a righteous cause, just so I feel better about being boxed in. The greatest “cause” is actually my own state-of-consciousness or evolution (that which I take with me). There is no release or pardon I will get from things or out-side causes, only temporary reprieves. Liberation is what I am empowered to do; the freeing of limiting concepts I have about myself.

Nothing and no one can threaten my independence & power unless I first give it away. Anytime I feel imposed upon or disempowered, I have forgotten Who is in-charge of my energy. I make my decisions, I am in-charge. As long as I am willing to pay the price, I can do anything. Not even my Guidance interfere with my decisions. That is one way I know I am dealing with high souls; they do not interfere with my freewill. That is how much respect they have for me. I am sometimes in awe of their scope in consciousness; to love me and work with me as they do. That is a key to what makes a high Soul—they have outgrown planet earth, or you could say, “They mastered the limiting concepts that would keep them earth bound.” In the end, that is my job too. As a matter of fact that is why I chose them, for the wisdom they have to offer in my journey.

I do not have to prove who I am or what is important to me. I need to be vigilant and avoid fighting for what I already have or who I am. That is a sure way to create separation. It becomes an excuse to play poor little me . . . which is a glory trip. There is such a thing as fear of freedom. They even have a name for this kind of phobia, “eleutherophobia”! I know I have a little of that, otherwise I wouldn’t have the blocks that I do. But every day I let go of it a little more. If I am to plunge into the depths of Freedom available to me, and stop being shallow or timid, then it is as easy as: Be it—Apply it—Share it—or lose it.

Remembering that Liberty is on the outside (material) and Freedom on the inside (spiritual), will help me navigate where I need to be and when I need to be there. There is a whole multiverse waiting for me to explore; endless wisdom and space between spaces. I cannot do this in a state of liability. Meaning, am I investing my energy or spending it? Am I more concerned about ‘out-there’ or more concerned about ‘in-here’? My feelings, true feelings, are the best guide in my journey and evolution, my head or intellect being there to organize what I feel for success. Because I am focused on my personal and spiritual growth here, I keep things simple. This gives the Universe and Spirit the latitude to fully work with me in all my many, many opportunities.


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