I am constantly honing my art and craft. This is the beginning of wielding energy. My process of mastery builds on who I am. I work with Elegance, to find the elegant solution. Becoming masterful is channeling my freedom toward accomplishment. My artistry reveals itself in knowing which door to open, when to open it, and how far to crack it open. If I get too deep into things that are not my business, I’m susceptible to being swept away by the currents of emotionalism. I can no longer afford to move other than from high to high.

Less is more if I’m always living in the sweet spot. I’m constantly exposed to waves and packets of energy, of particles, of vibrations . . . sensations of light, sound, pressure, and motion. Likewise, I am always generating a radiance of thoughts and feelings, at both a conscious and unconscious level. Living in two worlds at one time means that I have to straddle the passing physical and the eternal spiritual. Such navigation requires finesse and the discipline to say olé. I secure my needs and essentials, so that I may expand my endeavors into aspirations and material possessions.

The challenge in dealing with the Material World is to maintain a high degree of militancy with self- respect. This makes learning easier; I can grasp “lessons” more completely, and in one sitting. I respect what I have experienced and make it practical right away (while the energy is there). The ‘Artistry’, or art-is- try, is simply a commitment and willingness to get involved, and do the-best-I-know-how.

When I work with people, I work with their potential. I seek to inspire and draw out the best. There is teamwork with spirit for everyone to move forward. My wish is that their wish is fulfilled; we are rivers that are running together. I have to be only one step ahead to pass it on. My goal is to back them proactively, without getting caught in the areas they’re still unfolding. This can require all my spiritual dexterity.

Everyone has to account for themselves vis-à-vis the pressures of the universe. My timing is implicated. . . when to do it, when not to, when to say it, when not to, when to think it, when not to. I have to know and honor when to move in and when to move out. There’s something magical about the phrase: “I don’t care to continue this conversation.” It does not matter what energy is coming at me, it’s all energy — it’s how I work with it that counts. I simply don’t accept anything that stimulates thoughts of lack or ineptitude or let doubts prey on me. This is how I interweave my life with the world I have chosen.

I appreciate that a certain amount of “bickering” between partners (business and personal) is part of the normal friction of daily living; the genius is to channel it and keep it in bounds. I can practice moderation and modulation. I want to advance from peak to peak, not peak to valley to peak. It helps to accomplish this if I remember to Stand up Straight and Walk Tall. The Golden Rule is to Respect others

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