The level I feel I can express myself, in any given circumstances, is a strong measure of my progress, or lack of it. When I am at ease (at peace), I am flowing freely from the heart. I can say what I mean and mean what I say. Additionally, it is easy for me to communicate, in such a way, that listeners can understand it and respect it. That is because I respect them, even when I do not agree or where there is confrontation. Meaning, there is no manipulation or trying to make them change. I am sharing genuinely. As a matter of fact, if my cage gets rattled or I lose my cool, so-to-speak, I need to pay attention. It is telling me something. It is telling me I have confused facts with emotions & opinions (within myself). This does not mean I should be devoid of feeling, on the contrary, it means being Crystal Clear with my motives and feelings . . . my true-feelings. When I am out of balance, that’s the occasion for my “emotions” to show up. Being emotional is the deceptive feedback from the plastic feelings of my intellect; what I have been trained to feel. The key antidote is to reestablish my inner peace. When I am back on my pivot, involved in my life, I express what is needed, to the right person, at the right time . . . and it is a healing for me personally.



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