GRAVITY – Spiritual Theme of the Month

LIGHT: Everything in nature and the universe is operating in a fine balance; an elegance. While there are sometimes situations and events that create turmoil within me, when I step back into the bigger picture, I realize there are no big deals. As a matter of fact, there is a rhythm and routine to it all, and I am part of that rhythm & routine. The only thing that keeps me from smoothly moving up, is when I am heavy; heavy in heart. Meaning, I can get caught in other people’s timing or in glory trips. That’s when I need to remember my basics and put those basics into action — I am intelligent light. That simple fact allows me to float, or soar as high as my wings can take me. It doesn’t mean I am immune to the ‘tragedies’ in life, but it does mean I recognize those “tragedies” as challenges (or opportunities). I see them, experience them, as part of a bigger picture; My bigger picture. In other words, it’s all part of my plan. I am not inviting troubles nor am I saying I want them. But as long as I don’t get into the habit of fighting spirit, I will naturally learn & grow into new plateaus of opportunity and fun. I will move beyond the wear & tear.


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