PULSE– Spiritual Theme of the Month

CONSISTENT: I am Home. I am home wherever I go and in whatever I do — within all my situations and with all people . . . I am home. I do not need anyone or anything to validate me, nor do I need anyone’s approval: what someone thinks of me is not my business. Or to put it another, more profound way, someone’s disapproval, or approval, means little to me. Bottom-line, I am here to accept myself 100%. I am in the process of making my life a beingness. I know who I am, I know where I came from and I know where I am going. I live in the beautiful now, gleaned from past experience, and growing as I build my future. This is me, the real me, living life. A, Living, Life . . . get it! With this clear, my time becomes more important to me. Specifically my timing. The main thing that will affect my “timing” is how steady I am. Am I consistent or am I inconsistent? I do not need to fear anything. I do not need to fear (period). I say this because it is “fear” that dominates the echoes which reverberate in society. The unadorned facts are however, I am going to fulfill my purpose and achieve my goals. It is simply a matter of time . . . but, I do not want to waste time. By maintaining the spirit of me, who I really am, I cannot help but be successful and accelerate in the unfoldment of my purpose. My steadiness within will be what comes out and returns to me. Not just once or from time to time, but all the time, for all time.


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