Department of Religion and Philosophy

Licensed Student | Licensed Teacher | Licensed Minister | Ordained Minister

The College serves as a seminary for Peace Community Church International

Opportunities of a Lifetime!

The College serves as the seminary for training in the levels of spiritual services provided by Peace Community Church International.

Over a three to four year curriculum, you can progressively become a licensed student, licensed teacher, licensed minister leading to becoming an Ordained Minister.

This is an ordination for life and a lifetime commitment to yourself in personal spiritual involvement and unfoldment. You extend your commitment to working closely with Spirit to be of service to others..

  • Qualifications: to have been a licensed Minister for one year
  • Certified in at least fifteen elective courses from the Americana Leadership College.
  • Certified in at least fifteen DEPT 600 courses including 622: Ceremonies and Procedures of Peace Community Church.
  • Have taken at least six Dept 700 courses.
  • Is certified in Profile Course 1003-A: How to Administer the Percent of Balance in the Glandular System and the 1003-D How to Administer the Spiritual Compatibility Profile
  • Length of Affiliation: This affiliation is for life. However, an Ordained Minister is asked to keep certification in the specified requirements and make a financial commitment annually.
  • Anointed By: A bishop, after approval of the Board of Bishops
  • Applying For The Next Level: After one year as an Ordained Minister, a person may apply to become an Elder, the first step to advanced levels of spiritual leadership, which are Elder, Master and Bishop.
  • Ordained Minister fee: $50.00

Opportunities you have include anointing Licensed Students, Teachers, Licensed Ministers and Participating Members.

You can conduct services such as Baptism, Marriage, Marriage Confirmation, Spiritual Consulting and Memorial/Funeral Services. Organizing fellowship meetings in the community and send period reports to PCCI assist with the expansion of PCC services.

To learn more or to start your path towards becoming an Ordained Minister,
Visit the Peace Community Church International website here.