Spiritual Training Tracks

Never before on planet earth has there been a greater opportunity to join together as a team and help people find answers.

certificationPeople everywhere are searching for answers to life’s mysteries. They want to connect with their “Higher Source”, discover the joy of living in the now and eliminate the pain of feeling alone. There is a strong sense of disconnection between what they are feeling and what they have been taught. This disconnect causes stress, fear, anxiety, depression and loneliness.

Dr. Francisco Coll, founder of the Americana Leadership College, authored an extensive library of seminars, study materials, private consultation services, home study programs, and subscription services that provides a solid framework for mastering Life On Planet Earth.

From this library, the Americana Leadership College has developed a highly effective community based program that helps a person find their answers with harmony and balance of their feelings. Within a single organization there is a diverse selection of programs, services, and study materials to satisfy this vast spiritual hunger. You can affiliate with a team of people making a difference.

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You are invited to join the team of Spiritual Wayshowers. Together we can reach our goal of assisting people who are seeking to connect with their Higher Self, and experience the love and joy of being a spiritual being having a physical experience.