Spiritual Profile

Steps & Investment

Certification for the 1001 Orientation Profile

This training will prepare you for the beginning step of your life’s purpose of helping people be free. This is a discovery period of learning how to use your guidance more deeply as you help others.

  • You will learn the fundamental approach of assisting to help themselves and trust their inner guidance.
  • You will become secure with demonstrating the various techniques used in consultation sessions.

Here are the steps and investment

Total training investment: $1,450.00

Additional highly recommended steps:

Additional Certifications

  • 1002A: How To Present The Blockage Discovery Profile
    Price: $1,300, 10 hours, Pre-req: Courses 1001, 500, 521, 511
  • 1003A: Percent of Balance in the Glandular System
    Price: $1,300, 10 hours, Pre-req: Course 1002A
  • Other advanced Consultation Certifications are available