Just returning from a journey back to where I was born, I was comforted with how wholesome all things are.


A little family reunion was planned. In amidst the many things my trip was intended, I decided to go by and do a bit of social. It was really good to see everyone. I had intentions of seeing my two living aunts who I know will not be around much longer and help my daughter with a huge project, so my week was so full and fulfilling.


Being at the reunion, my eyes could see, I could feel what I was seeing, I allowed the facts to be revealed and I trusted that all of it was what helped me to understand the importance of growing spiritually, not getting caught up in the small pictures of the past yet see the perfection of it all.


There is so much depth to growth, learning from every moment and feeling secure in what I say, regardless of how others may interpret it. I realized a long time ago that being nice is not always the way to feel good inside; but being honest makes me feel good inside and allows for the wholesome in all things to live and be.


I was born perfect; I accept any circumstances that may have influenced that perfection, because there is always a road back to me. That is a wholesome feeling.


by: Dawn Overstreet, Atlanta, GA