Today, as I write this sharing of my experience at the PCCI/Floodgate Retreat held on Easter Weekend in Las Vegas, I am reminded that everything is an opportunity to work with energy.

I choose to attend this retreat to continue to invest in myself. I broke, the what, of what has become a family tradition of the “Family Easter Picnic” at the park with the grandchildren and great grandchildren. Do not misunderstand, I love to watch all of the little ones finding  their easter eggs filled with money or candy, the water balloon fights, confetti eggs. etc. It is all such fun.

I did not miss an Easter Egg hunt at all. We had an Easter Egg hunt at the retreat that had eggs filled with message from Spirit. We got to share what those messages meant to us. It is always fun to receive, and how the perfect messages come even from the outer at times from spirit! I found the egg that had the special message for me.

Special first time on-line anointings also happened for several, Spiritual brothers and sisters who were not able to be there physically.

Many feelings were simulated in the flowing river and pathways!

The floodgates were opened with spirit, full of both old and new techniques all of which were for my growing experience. What I have walked away with is a new sense of self, something which I have been working on for a while, now.

Day 2, after the retreat energy had been closed, I had a wonderful  experience. I went to my part time job, as I usually do. Immediately, after I arrived, I started to feel ill. In the past, I would have push through it until it the feeling moved on. But this time it was so very, very different. I trusted my sensitivity and left the office.

As, I was driving home I saw a young lady sitting on the curb of the street. I kept driving, I live in Las Vegas, I do not usually stop. I decided to turn around this time, something was very different. I opened my car door and ask her if she was ok. At first, I did not want to get to close to her. But as I approached her to hear if she responded, I knew that I was doing the right thing. As, I engaged with her energy, I could see that she had been hit in the eye. About the same time, she said, she was overwhelmed, very distraught and started crying. I told her; I know how that feels. I told her that she was going to be ok. I ask her, if I could help her, I asked her if I could touch her, she replayed yes. As I talked with her, I messaged her back, assuring her that everything was going to be ok.

She was close to a bus stop, I asked her where she was going, she had no idea where she was going. I continued to talk with her, as I harnessed more information from her, it felt safe to offer her a ride to her destination. I continued to follow my own sensitivity and feelings. I kept talking with her to attempt to calm her down. All she knew was that she had to take two busses. She was still very upset, but at least she was able to stop crying. Come to find out it was her second day on a new job. I gave her space to gather herself and to assist her to get her energy together. We continue to talk; she gave me a street name and I knew where that was it would have taken her awhile to get there. She was concerned about getting fired, I suggested that if she knew the phone number, she should use my phone to call them and say that she would be there shortly. She decided to take me up on my suggestion.

I knew that there was much, more going on with her but stuck to the immediate issue of helping her out of her feeling of being overwhelmed/confused. I just kept talking with her and giving her space as she felt safe to talk it out. She said, you should be a counselor! I told her that I work with energy. I gave her my phone number and told her that she could call me, if she wanted to. I just kept trusting my sensitivity and listening to spirit. She told me that I was an “angel.” She said, this  s Vegas! People do not stop to help. “You” were sent here to me. She was very grateful that I stopped.

Moral of the story: I know too, that I was sent to assist her. My feeling compass directed me there to be of service. The ill feelings that I had experienced at the office disappeared, immediately, once I decided to leave. I listened to the calling not knowing that it was about an opportunity to be of service in the community. One just never knows what type of service, spirit has in mind for the day!

Prior to this Retreat, I would not have done this. I have only had one other experience similar to this many, many, years ago, after a “Big Retreat” with Dr. Francisco Coll.

Vonnie Owens