When you first went to school, you had to learn the foundation skills of reading, writing and arithmetic, so you could open yourself up to the bountiful knowledge and understanding of information that is available about our world and how it operates.

This learning provided you with the tools you needed to explore any avenue of knowledge that interested you…music, art, philosophy, engineering, medicine, science, computer technology the list goes on.

Your first few years of primary school were spent learning and understanding these foundation skills. Once you had these in your tool kit, you were able to open yourself up to the wealth of knowledge and opportunity in this world. You could explore into this world in any direction you wanted to, you did not have to rely on anyone to read, write or add for you. You could do it all for yourself.
If I was to go from Kindergarten straight into Year 10, without any foundation skills, I would be sitting in a classroom relying on other people to give me the answers I need to survive in that environment and still not knowing if it is right or wrong because I don’t know enough to tell the difference.

Likewise in your everyday physical and spiritual life, learning the foundation skills are essential in your school of life experience. Once you have your foundations skills in place, you can explore into any area that you want.

Learning the foundations of my Physical world, learning how to look after my basic needs for food, shelter and love are my foundations to explore the physical life I want…friendships, laughter, involvement in life to name a few.

Learning the foundations of my Spiritual World, personal loyalty, working with the spiritual tools I was born with, working with my personal energy and integrity are some of the foundation tools that I need to explore the spiritual life I want…working with my purpose, being one with all things, working with my healing energy, being of service to others while being loyal to myself to name a few.
My first expedition into balancing my physical life and my spiritual life did not sit well with me because I did not learn my spiritual foundations. I allowed myself to sit in the Year 10 classroom with someone else giving me the answers when I had only just left Kindergarten.

By learning the skills of my spiritual foundations that this program has available, I am solid in my knowledge, personal loyalty, inner security and wisdom and enjoy my life with awareness and fulfillment.

By Pamela England