by Dawn Overstreet

I had a dream a few nights ago that brought back a lot of moments in my in my life that showed the gravity of my experiences I have had, been challenged by, and mastered as I journey through my life.

Often in my early life it was about rushing to be outside the immediate situation and on to a next point in time. In situations where there is discomfort there is also the realization the discomfort begins within myself and what I become comfortable with. This can lead to ignoring the alert or finally looking for a solution.

Through my various marketing and sales opportunities in life I have come to realize that just providing information, getting out of the way of a person’s decision has always been a great success for me. Pressure was never a success tool. My common sense or perhaps listening to my feelings, and being aware of people’s reactions towards a ‘hard sell’ convinced me that decisions are personal. Hopefully, they are based on an individual’s best interest and their goals.

My own journey began when I was born. I absorbed tendencies from my environment. When I began to grow into questioning things, I began to watch situations. I began to understand what I felt and what I thought was a bit at odds. Doing my best, and at a tender age, I began to resist the confusion.

My ability to check with my inner guidance has been the steel fist in a velvet glove to move beyond confusion. I find clarity in making concise decisions. Since coming to know and enjoy the relationship of my inner guidance I now experience the feeling of being “at home”. I migrated towards clarity when I was introduced to guidance. My decisions begin with checking with my inner guidance on the following:

  • Is it in my best interest
  • Does it apply to my thrust and its fulfillment
  • Does it help me reach my goals spiritually
  • In the bigger picture will it bring me closer to what I have come to do

When I commit to something it must have structure. It must be free of influence, free of pressure, free of other opinions and it must be fun.

But most importantly I always want to know that it is helping me blend the past experiences into a present wisdom that allows me to just be and journey on into my future.