By Dawn Overstreet, Atlanta, GA

The night before the Floodgates tour opened, my own personal floodgate opened and began flowing.  I fell into a deep sleep and then very early in the morning I was awakened, surely by my inner guidance. I don’t remember so much of the content of a conversation I had with a colleague that evening, but I remember the feeling of that very early morning wakeup call and how I was feeling.

As the cool breeze rolled over my body, I felt like my guidance was cleansing me from head to toe. It was not only refreshing but I felt like I had been awakened to an abundance of feelings that rushed over me like a river.  At first, I wanted to resist the experience, just find a way to go back to sleep, but the more I tried, the more uncomfortable I felt. As I relaxed into the moment all I could do was feel. I was given a motion picture of my life. As I lay there, I allowed myself to just experience. I knew what I needed to do when it was course time. My refinement goals were clear, and my direction was solid.

Giving myself opportunity to be in the now, giving myself time to understand what I am sensing, trusting my ability to be in the right place at the right time and accepting the joy of my responsibility to myself keeps life very simple for me.  This weekend retreat was so simple, so easy, so full and fun. Afterall, my goal of being a master of my energy, a master of seeing and trusting what I see and feel only provides me with what I need to work even more successfully with others.

I believe my biggest achievement was realizing that I needn’t look away from what I see, judge it, put it in a box, or label it anything but energy. But I must see it, take my time in discerning it, otherwise I slow down the inner process of knowing what I am going to do about what I see. Stopping the flow of my energy for even one-minute wastes valuable time when I can be accomplishing. Energy in motion truly stays in motion and has little time for anything to drain my energy. My inner compass (my feelings) is real. I must not settle for less by ignoring it. I can better forecast my future by consistently being in my now. Only in trusting what I am sensing am I loyal to myself and my desire to fulfill my own plan or purpose. There is nothing hard here.

The team that attended were amazing souls; so much love, so much wisdom, so eager to learn, grow and share. The maintenance of my soul keeps me oiled like a fine machine.

We talked about so many things in the course. Sharings were deep, funny, fun and inspired by spirit. And yes, I talked about sex! Communication is the essence of all things great.