You are the sum of all you have experienced throughout time. You have been creating, at your own pace, a place from which you can learn the power of flexibility and live the values that represent your spiritual understanding. You are awakened to a deep need inside to know more about how energy, your energy, works and how it affects the environments in which you are involved.

With each day your experiences are helping you to take steps that are viable and relevant to what you have come to do. Experiences propel you through steps that eventually require decisions on how you will respond to the many choices that fill your bucket of options. Those decisions assemble a structure and a central means that you begin to rely on and depend upon as you mature spiritually and apply this wisdom physically. Every curve of your journey requires of you the solutions that create the amazing understandings you need to move forward.

Success can be measured by how you relate to and respond to each situation in life. Sincerity with oneself is a cornerstone to understand the motives that guide you. Honesty with yourself is another element that enables you to feel whole inside while being loyal to yourself first. The stronger you feel, the greater the inner security you will experience and soon you know the power of growing, learning and sharing that wisdom.

Communication means being oneself, delivering your true feelings, your assets, into the world where it can be felt and experienced by others. You have been stretching every day, acting on new ways to leave things behind you better than you find them. It all started with doing for yourself first. Everything you want begins with you and your willingness to take stock of what you need to create the miracles of living life to its fullest.

There will never be another person just like you. You are unique. That uniqueness fits into a bigger picture of working with others, of collaborating with others to accomplish great things. A willingness to be in that bigger picture, to broaden the spiritual awareness of others can be the greatest work you have come to do. You are constantly building pivots from which you can create the best you, to develop your full potential and to willingly share the road of spiritual freedom and growth with others.

 Insights on the New Spiritual New Year
Building Pivots, Shared by:
Dawn Overstreet
Consultant & Instructor