by: Esther Karhu

My first policy is happiness.  It is often how I know if something is right for me or not.  If I am truly living my thrust and being the real me, I will have this feeling of happiness inside regardless of what I am doing, even when cleaning the chicken coop.

There have been times in the past where I have had the feeling and let my fears keep me from following through with some project or adventure.  Those were expensive lessons.  So when I first heard about the International Regrouping in St. Croix (Wayshowers College annual regrouping held March 2020) and felt this feeling, I knew it was for me.

I did not let my over concern about the virus (COVID19) keep me from what I knew felt right.  I am in the age group that is most at risk, but still could not shake the feeling of Inner happiness when I thought about this adventure.  I checked it out with my guidance and asked for extra backing, and then made the plunge.

Planned flights, registered and even ordered a bathing suit 🙂 .   As you may have guessed, all went well.  Got to truly relax on the beach, swim in the ocean and gain deep insights while in and out of the courses.  I did maintain social distancing, bumped elbows instead of hugs for the most part and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  What did I learn, trust what I feel and check it out.  

For those of you that may not know your policies the 1002B Policy and Procedures of Life Profile is a way to find out what your policies are and what policies you may be living that are not yours.