This year will bring a depth of time & opportunity. Depth into your needs & wants.

It is the vibration of: ‘Moving up and moving beyond.’

Here is a little guide-map to help you get started in 2023:


Be the best ‘You,’ within every opportunity. This means define your opportunities and be organized toward your purpose and your goals.

Are the opportunities you are involved in moving you forward, spiritually and/or materially?

  • If so, continue to refine so they are smoother.
  • If not, gently begin to re-organize yourself toward new opportunities that will.

The essence of this is to know, see, understand, and feel that what you are involved in is building you. In this way, you can fully give-of-yourself without hooks; the “Elevation” of You.

Pitfalls & No no’s include: Rebelling against the game of life, caught in small pictures and indulging in excuses to not be of service or be positive.

Or to say it another way, ‘Lowering Your Energy.’


Focus on doing better (not more). With all you know now and what you have pulled-together with yourself, build on what you have: your connection with the higher self, your body, people, and your opportunities.

It is a vibration of renewing and refining on the foundations you have already laid down and built.

The core of this is to feel an inner security, so that you can improve toward your next plateau. You feel creative & free; the Innovate of the Soul.

Pitfalls & No no’s include: Trying to do ‘more,’ before doing better with what you already have; re-making the wheel; bouncing from one thing to another. It is ignoring inspiration and delaying action; it is the survival vibration.

In other words, ‘Uncreative, Dull and Flat;’ copying old ideas.

Every day is a new opportunity. “Opportunity” brings experience. “Experience” brings your lessons. “Lessons” bring wisdom. “Wisdom” brings graduation. … And that is why you are here!

Be part of the Team making it a way-of-life 

Remember, You are a consciousness, a soul, intelligent light … you are a light in the world.