My motivation, in part, comes from my commitment to certain spiritual contracts this lifetime and my desire to live as the real me.

Patrick Kilhenny

Patrick Kilhenny

It All Starts With Me

First and foremost, living my life as the Real Me and bringing out my inner desires and dreams is a key for me. I need to be involved in what I feel is important for me.

Spiritual leadership means living as the good, kind, loving soul that I am. I may not have gotten quite to where I want to be, but seeing progress along the way is reassuring. I can look back to where I was before I began this inner searching and how much life has changed since then.

I am more in charge of me, although I can still pick up outside energies and sometimes get thrown off course. But, I feel less affected by the not-so-good tendencies and stay more tuned into what I feel I am about and need to be doing.

Passing Along What I Have

As I keep up my routines for self-leadership another key on my journey is sharing what I have with others. It may be sharing my good, kind feelings; it may be passing along my wisdom, or both.

I am especially inspired when I help others who really want what I have. The more I get out in the world, meet and share what I feel is important, the more my guidance helps me find the people I need to meet.  

There are all kinds of ways to give of myself, at home, when I meet people in the community or through my service I provide in my work. I have an abundance of opportunities big and small to assist others.

chart1Introductory Lecture

In my case, one way I like to pass along what I have learned is through the Man & Universe introductory lectures. These lectures are a compact way to help others in an organized, step-by-step manner.

I was fortunate to be able to start doing this first step some 30 years ago. I enjoy passing along to others these key areas of life that are essential for a searcher who really wants to move on in life. It is especially gratifying to know that there is a way for individuals that I attract to go deeper with all the ALC programs. 

Clear Outflow Feels Great

I have found from experience that I need to have outflow in my life. In one way or another I need to keep the life energy of the third-eye chakra flowing. When I have clear outflow, the rest of my life tends to go well. Personal problems often seem to be taken care of or are easier to handle.  

I like to have introductory lectures scheduled regularly either in person or on-line (as a webinar). This keeps bringing me back to the simple basics about what life is all about and how I fit in on planet earth. It’s good to be reminded of this bigger picture. Otherwise, it’s easy to get lost and kept busy in the outer world. This is speaking at least for me and what I have found.

Giving the “Man and the Universe” Lecture or other movement lectures helps me realize how successful I am. I managed to incarnate here on planet earth and I have a body. I have come to realize that Earth truly is a remarkable school with all the people and opportunities I’m involved with and learn from.

You may have different ways you share what you have with others, so you know from your experiences about how good outflow feels. It may be with your children or with co-workers, customers in your profession or in lots of other ways.

board-meeting-pic2Spiritual Connections

I have spiritual contracts with certain individuals. These contracts started with my parents and have expanded to many people. These deeper relationships have helped me in all kinds of ways and I have helped others.

Sometimes I was unclear on the spiritual goings-on and got caught in not-so-positive experiences along the way. That’s okay. However, even if I learned the hard way, I still learned and have grown. I can do it better now and enjoy life more fully. 

I find it’s less of the School of Hard Knocks when I tune into my inner guidance and follow my feelings as a spiritual leader.

Learning and Growing

I have kept it all together fairly well for quite a few years in this physical body. Although there have been ups and downs and a few close calls, I still have this body of mine.

Most importantly, I have learned and grown lots on this journey and that is what really matters: what I have put together for myself and how I am doing now. I learn from my past experiences and can plan for the future, but I am in the now.

I Am Successful

So yes, when I look at this bigger picture as the soul I am, I’m pretty successful as a spiritual leader. That feels good to acknowledge. It encourages me to keep going further with what I am here to be and do.

Since I have been learning and growing, I have lots of wisdom. This means I can do it even better, connect deeper with people, and have more fun and profitability in my business. Wow, the more I get into this topic, the more I realize my success as a spiritual leader and what it means to me. 

Click the Globe

Click the Globe

What Motivates You to Be a Spiritual Leader?

Okay, now you have heard my spiel on this topic. If you want to benefit in a big way I recommend you take a few moments and leave a comment about your thoughts on how you find this for yourself. Just go to the Wayshowers College Leadership Facebook page and you will see a post on this topic for your comments. Many leaders who are on this FB group will enjoy hearing from you. You may just realize, more than ever, how successful you are as a spiritual leader.