wc-master1The ‘Facts’ of Wayshowers College®

What:    ALC & SSP is transitioning into Wayshowers College.

When:    Transition is: Now until 1 April 2017

Where:  Globally

Why:     Expansion, in order to Reach the 4%

Who:  The need and means to fulfill our potential is now great enough to grow into a larger College.

All of what is the Americana Leadership College and Spiritual Success Programs will be within the new Wayshowers College.  All departments, tools, systems and related structures, for all movements, are being maintained and strengthened.  The ‘6 Steps’ are unchanged.

Additionally people will still be able to find us through Americana Leadership College and Spiritual Success Programs.  The brands, energy and backing are all still here.

The Expansion into the Wayshowers College brings greater opportunities to reach the masses, while finding our Apprentices.  We will be opening new Divisions within the College, as well as ‘Subjects’ and Schools with curriculums, such as:  Healing, Trance, Psychic, Meditation, Chakras, Spiritual Coaching, etc.

In essence, we will become the ‘Standard’ for personal and spiritual growth & development.  With this growth, we once again will attract the Leaders of Leaders and Be Forerunners of Spiritual Freedom.

Things to look ahead for:

  • Individual Program/Movement Websites,
  • Individual Journeymen and Country Websites,
  • ‘Subject’ based curriculum programs,
  • Expansion of SMP with Spiritual Coaching,
  • Online Services and curriculum programs,
  • Simple Automated financial structures

And much more.

The College will be posting the full list of projects, updating the progress routinely and keeping you informed .

What is essential now is You!  Your consistency is what will transform the planet.  By staying cleansed and routinely sharing, Spirit will continue to open the floodgates of Energy.  This is as simple as instructing one, or more, programs a month.

If you haven’t already done so, break out your calendars and make a ‘3 Month’ and year plan.  Start by working with Spirit and set goals for yourself spiritually (what you want to unfold this year) and what you want to accomplish materially (how many searcher you will attract).  What you pull together remember to communicate it to Promotion Department, so we can post it on the ‘Events’ section.

Above all, have fun.  This is important as a spiritual leader.  If you’re not having fun, do something different!  Remember your basic spiritual tools; they are there for you if you are open to them.