by: Dawn Overstreet

The new year’s theme reminds me of a gas station. Do you remember what full-service gas stations are like?  There are fewer of them, but the ones that continue to provide a wide range of services continue to be happy to do so. They are people and service oriented. Maintaining those services, the tools they use daily to provide services is always in the forefront of being ready to pump the gas, change the oil, check the radiator, change the tire and so many more things that go on during a day of service to folks.

In this new spiritual year, the fulfillment of being refreshed in the services I provide is essential. It shows my willingness to give of myself in the sincerest way. It shows I care enough about myself and my tools; and, that I care about presenting services in a clean and clear way. Only when I am ready to be of service, do I feel the security and professionalism that accompanies me in working with others.  Finding little refinements, getting back to the simple basics of my routines keeps me in step with the natural rhythms of being ready to share.

There is precision in my generosity to be in tandem with what I have come to do and how I execute that service. I can rise each day with a smile and know that each new beginning of each new day is but a day of Full Service to myself and a pleasure of service to others.  As the theme implies, only I can make the decision to be alive, alert and enthusiastic in being attentively ready to share the wisdom of my experiences through the tools I have refreshed to bring a special message to those I meet.