Amruta Grupta lives in Pune, India

Growing up in a conventional family, religion, and rituals, getting ahead by getting good grades, having material things was very much taught and expected. I could not share with others my soul’s deepest understandings of there being more to life.

With my belief that I have reincarnated many times, I decided to follow my intuition. I quit my job and decided to trust my spirit guides and be true to my soul journey to define me from my traditional training and seek a more spiritual path. I encountered many challenges, depression, doubt, panic, and worry. But believing that a soul is packaged with all it needs, I took the challenge and have never looked back. It took courage for me to let go and seek my answers.

It is at this point I realized I had no one to really share what I was feeling or experiencing in my transition. I got involved in many online groups, courses, etc. to expand my communication with others and to pursue my own spiritual journey. And then I found Wayshowers College’s website. I was able to relate to what it read. I signed up for the Newsletter, the Wayshowers Philosophy, which continues to inspire me. I got on a World Call and now I am being interviewed by someone who is interested in me, the soul on a journey.

My challenge has been to be consistent at listening to my guides. My guides have been by my side. I have needed to be involved in everything I have encountered so far in my life in order to be where I am. This journey is teaching me so much. My guides are so cute. They suggested I doodle. It became a way to express my answers to my questions to them. They have taught me to trust them.

I know my purpose has to do with children. I feel I came to share spiritual growth with old souls incarnating to planet earth. My purpose has to do with being a mother. I felt it as a child. A mother is a nurturer of the seed that flowers into greatness giving room to learn to be oneself. Moving beyond the physical world and being true to my soul purpose is important to me.

I need to take a moment during each day to be grateful for my journey, to realize each reincarnation to different places has specific meaning for me, for each of us. I am here to do.

I had to leave the rules of society to be free to be myself and now I want young people to have the space to grow up self-sufficient, free, and secure.

Amruta’s Doodles