My International Regrouping 2022 Experience, by Tom Wiseman, Iowa (Photo L. Tom; R. Esther Karhu)

When I heard it was going to start on my Birthday and that it was going to include 738 (the Buffer Zone technique) I knew I could not pass it up. I figured I would take the Buffer Zone part, then maybe do some sightseeing. But I felt so good after the first couple days of technique and regrouping, I did not want to leave. I wanted to soak up every bit of energy that I could.

It took place in the Florida Keys, on the ocean front. There was a little pier to get you past the rocks along the shore in case a person wanted to go swimming or kayaking. Several times each day on breaks I walked out on the pier to check on the pelicans and cormorants and to see what kind of undersea creatures were visible. Sometimes there were tiny fish hiding in the shadows, sometimes larger fish shaped like what we used to call “mullets.” I saw a skate and a blow fish, and some skinny “needle fish.” Several times during the course while someone was sharing up front, a dolphin surfaced. I wondered if they were just hunting food or if they were attracted to our energy. (Who knows?)  At low tide different long-legged birds could be seen poking along the exposed rocks for anything edible. We also had fun watching the tiny lizards and iguanas and black squirrels who got bolder as the week went on and would come up and ask for handouts. We watched one of them go up to a coconut and stare at it for a few seconds, wondering how he could get it home, but it was bigger than he was and weighed several times more than he did.

I had not been to any programs in a couple of years but many of my old friends were there, and I met some awesome new friends. There was a swimming pool at the venue. Tiger mentioned several times that this was our new “Office,” with the sea, palm trees and pool in the background. The whole class got in the warm pool and did techniques that helped us relax and develop trust and some other things according to what each person was working on spiritually. We did the BZIP technique (my favorite) several times (including the extraction and upkeep). Pretty soon I felt like I was in D-Zone surrounded by angels.

We made several outings as a class. One was to Theater of the Sea, which had a menagerie of Turtles, Alligators as well as Parrots, Dolphins and Sea Lions who performed all sorts of tricks. I liked the energy of the place. The employees all seemed like they enjoyed what they were doing, as well as most of the critters. There was one alligator who did not want to be moved to another exhibit, and he was like, “What’s in it for me?” but that is normal for alligators, I suppose.

Another other outing, we went on was to a sand bar where we got off our chartered boat and waded in the waist-deep water with refreshing beverages.

Some of the key points of the retreat that stuck with me were:

  1. When you stay relaxed it is easier to find solutions, because your energy is flowing. When you get “caught” in worry, there is no energy flow, and it is harder to find a solution.
  2. Moving from High to High. Know when to leave the party on a high note. Do not stay until the booze and ice (energy) runs out.
  3. Do not take life too seriously. Do not judge yourself. We are all just practicing. Even doctors and lawyers, etc. They even call their business a “practice”.
  4. Reality is a matter of opinion, an illusion, or a mass hallucination.
  5. Families are a means of getting a physical body (anchor to Planet earth) or helping someone else get a physical body.
  6. War – who is getting something out of it?

I also got a profile. The thought had not crossed my mind until the next to last day. That night I checked out from whom to get it. I thought I was pushing the timing and that the whole idea might just be wishful thinking, but next morning I was the first one in the classroom and who should walk in but the person I had checked to do the profile. We made an appointment for that evening, and everything worked out fine. (I love it when things come together like that. It makes me feel like I am in sync with the Universe)