Hello Team,

As you know, the Spiritual New Year is approaching.

Beginning September, a fresh rush of spiritual energy will begin moving through planet earth.

Leading up to this time, Spirit allocates directed energy for specific goals.

Now is the time to set your energy for the year!

You can align with Spirit by setting your goals now.  This sends a message to Spirit and the Universe you are willing to accomplish and fulfill your purpose.

Here are some questions to help stimulate clarity in your goals:

What would I like to accomplish for myself this year?

What areas, or situation, do I want to feel more free and peaceful in?

What areas do I need to release and or master this year?

What major step can I accomplish toward affluence this year?

How am I going to improve my relationship with Spirit?

Tips & Hints:

Keep your ‘List’ as simple as possible.

The clearer your motives, the greater energy.  (“Clear Motive” = True Reason Underneath.)

Aspire to have two parts to each, the material: the work/advancement/manifestation, and the spiritual: the fun/fulfillment/growth.  By having a sense for both in your goals you will be able to utilize the extra energy spirit is sharing with you.

Finally, don’t try to be perfect … you become that way, along the way.  Get involved in being part of the solution toward your accomplishments.

Enjoy the year of, “Building Pivots”.