Hello Team,

There has been a great deal of excitement over the current flavor of “dis-ease” lately.  The game is, or the confusion is,  How can we keep them ‘hooked’?  The answer is easy, Keep them in their Emotions.

There is nothing wrong with “emotions”.  Just remember that emotions are only a means-to-an-end;  Learn from them.  But one thing is clear, the more you become masterful in an area, the less emotions you will experience in that area.  Instead you will become a living example of feeling & understanding; the example of health & beingness.  Your guidance are also good examples of this.

Since you are becoming masterful, here are a few things that may help you navigate this latest “excitement” going on.

#1.  Your Business

What is you and not you?  Ask, “What is me and not me?”  Be clear and be specific.  Stay alert and sensitive for when you start longing for problems (blocks & confusion).  So, what is your business?  Without defining this you will become more and more susceptible to outer influences.  It only takes a couple seconds, of fully present thought & feeling, and you will become clear on where you begin and end.  You will become immune to other’s die-ease.  Once you know your “business” … mind your business.

#2.  Incentive & Drive

What do you need and want?  Ask, “What am I excited about?  What can I really put energy into?  What do I get chills on?”  Let your “chills” be a guide toward what you need & want.  It’s time to put that Drive of yours into gear.  Incentivize each of your opportunities with achievement & accomplishment, as well as fun & fulfillment.  This is a cure for many ailments.  If the current opportunity is not feeding you, start organizing yourself to adjust it or move towards the next one.  But remember to stay enthusiastic in the opportunities you have.  That is how you will smoothly move forward.

Emphasize these two areas for the next three weeks and see how it changes things.  You are a light –  Shine brightly. 

As always, pass it on … it’s part of the mastering process.

See you soon team,