Foundations of the Real You


This book covers five key spiritual concepts: You are Energy, You are here to learn and grow, you have a unique life purpose, you have inner guidance, and you are free.

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There are five key spiritual concepts in this book that can assist you in your journey for this lifetime:

1. Energy
Whether you realize it or not, you are a soul with a physical body, not a physical body with a soul. You are energy; a spiritual being that is, has been, and always will be.

2. Growth
You are here to learn and grow. Every experience you have is an opportunity to learn more about who you are and what you have come to do. This is essential in understanding the game of life.

3. Purpose
You have chosen a unique purpose, plan and thrust. There is not another one like you in the universe. The purpose of whatever plan you chose was to help you grow in consciousness.

4. Inner Guidance
You have inner guidance. You have all the help you need to accomplish your plan. We each have a team of guardian angels or spiritual helpers that are here to work with us in this lifetime.

5. Freedom
You are free and unlimited. To understand your freedom, it is important to know yourself. There is no one or thing that can keep you from fulfilling what you have come to do. That is your true reality.

You are the only person who can develop yourself to your fullest potential. You can learn how to get the full richness out of life by living in every moment.

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