Dr Francisco Coll, D.D.


fcA Spiritual Leader

Dr Francisco Coll, D.D., founder of the Americana Leadership College, spearheaded the field of spiritual research and education for over 50 years. Throughout that time, the name Francisco Coll was well known throughout the world to be synonymous with spiritual growth, high standards and the theme: “If you give a hungry man a fish today, he will only be hungry again tomorrow. If you teach a man how to fish, he has the freedom to use his own resources.”

His pre-eminent leadership in the field of enhanced awareness and spiritual wisdom transcended the limits of the intellect and resonated deeply with people from every walk of life, of every age, gender, color, and persuasion. He helped bring the exploration of metaphysical truths “out of the closet.” Through his inspiration, hundreds of leaders made thousands of media appearances in forty countries and helped fuel a planet-wide mass expansion of consciousness.

The College provides training to help you move more successfully through your life education. ALC courses help you to feel secure with your inner direction, your natural sensitivity and your two-way communication with the higher spirit.

Early Years

At an early age Dr. Coll became aware of his ability to communicate directly with Spiritual Guidance. Over his lifetime he formulated the wisdom he received from Spirit into over 700 specialized courses and hundreds of techniques that could be used by others desiring to fully develop their spiritual abilities and to clearly establish a two-way communication with the Higher Spirit.

Spiritual College Begins

Dr. Coll founded many spiritual programs and movements, including the Inner Peace Movement®, Peace Community Church®, Astro Soul®, Profound Mystical Meditation for the Western Society® , Growing Executives of Tomorrowsm, Gateway to the Business World® and the Family World. He work inspired Wayshowers Community Fellowship, IPM International, and Spiritual Success Programs.

Many of those who had the sensitivity to meet him would tell you: “There was something about Francisco.” That indefinable something was a manifest peace, an acceptance of self and others, a piercing insight, a beneficence packed in a dynamo of directed energy.

His genius was the ability to Give Opportunity to those awakening to their own self leadership. The entire Americana Leadership College curriculum is based on the premise of passing on one’s experience.

fctcinalaskaHis Legacy Continues

Today his tools and techniques continue to enable those looking for greater insight into life to experience both a more clear communication with themselves and a more harmonious relationship with their loved ones, their community and the the world around them.

Upon his passing in 1999, his son, Francisco David Coll assumed the ALC mantle and is currently building upon his father’s works.