Francisco David "Tiger" Coll


Rallying the Forces of Spiritual Freedom

tiger-collVery few children growing up have had the opportunity to travel the world and lead leaders the way Francisco David “Tiger” Coll did. The son of Dr. Francisco and Maria Coll, Tiger is a sincere, humble, worldly wise old soul! When asked at eight years of age, what he wanted to be, he boldly stated, “I want to be captain of the world!”

His tenure in the Navy taught him to forge through any challenge with gusto. His creativity to Give Opportunity, like his father, inspires people to take that “leap of faith.” His calm, healing communication helps those around him to relax with themselves. As he shares, “I don’t try and treat everyone the same; I am the same with everyone.”

Tiger is especially noted for his personal work with uplifting people on his spring and fall tours, during the Summer Retreats in the USA and Australia and at the International Regroupings in February.

Having inherited the vast body of works created by Dr. Coll, Tiger is in the process to bring all of it into the 21st Century. His goal of reaching 4% of the world with the Man and the Universe Orientation program is awe-inspiring. As President of the Americana Leadership College, his door is always open to any and all correspondence.

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