The Positive Glue in Groups

By Julia Santiago, Angela Miaoulis and Gina D’Arrigo, New Jersey

Groupwork provides a safe and secure environment in which to share – a judgement-free zone. The need to delve deeper into self-understanding is within each individual, where one can hone in on their personal loyalty. Groupwork provides opportunities to learn more about oneself and the team of angels each person has. The fellowship with others of like-mind and having a community to connect with is a resourceful experience.

Here are some suggestions to help you too be more successful with groups:

  • Distribute NSH brochures in venues used for program
  • Promote group during the Lecture and EID. Show brochure!  (1001 Profile Introduces them to their angels/guides)
  • NSH promotes self-understanding
  • Enhances ability to tune into our inner guidance system
  • Expands our state of consciousness as we learn and grow
  • Sign up for 1001 and NSH group. Select GS and set day, time and location
  • Participants may inspire others to join the group
  • Set up time for Lecture/EID for new members

The feel of the rapid change motivates one to keep going. The relationships in one’s life become more secure, while meeting like-minded people where a sense of belonging begins. The desire to continue into advanced facets permeates as one continues their journey and explore all that the college has to offer allows one to see where they fit. Clarity and confidence from the groupwork experience help one continue their growth process.

  • Group Facilitator/Area Coordinator directs first session
  • Group Facilitator meets with GS before the second session to make sure they feel secure in leading   and to review all techniques
  • Group Shepherd leads second session with assistance from Facilitator
  • Everyone may take opportunity to practice spiritual leadership
  • Feel the clarity and balance that group work offers
  • Safe healing environment as they share with others on the spiritual path
  • Weekly meetings become an oasis of support as they work with their angels
  • Voluntary courses offered that enlighten and increase understanding and communication with guidance/angels

The results are, a more fulfilling life of experiences, seeing life from a bigger perspective, a deeper happiness in the moment and confidence that you can achieve your dreams. There is no end to the excitement of growing, learning, the security of knowing one’s angels and the understanding that there is so much more to just being on planet earth is priceless!

  • Facilitator remains in touch with Group Shepherd during the twelve weeks
  • Facilitator may visit during Week 6 and 12
  • Fellowship after Week 12 session
  • Ask: Where do they want to go from here?
  • Introduce next facet then plan for first session
  • Promote profiles, courses, camp, upcoming programs in the region.

Most important:

  • Make sure the guidelines in the Manual are adhered to, i.e., mode of sharing, etc…
  • Group Shepherd stays in contact with Facilitator and follows the guidelines for the GS.