The International Regrouping Highlights Tour with Tiger Coll



Las Vegas – April 29th & 30th

New Jersey – May 6th & 7th 

Whether things out there are up or down, ‘ + ’ or ‘ – ’, in or out . . . you are the constant. It is all here for you!  We will start with the foundation and build to the stars.

  • How free do you feel in all your experiences?
  • How smoothly do you move through your opportunities?
  • How peaceful are you with your life’s lessons.

“Experiences” – “Opportunities” – “Lessons”

If you do not understand how your opportunities and experiences are working for you, there will always be a mystery to what you need to be doing; you will be at the right place but the wrong time, you will be at the right time but in the wrong place.

Your lessons are why you are here.

We are going to take a dive into your “spiritual lessons,” starting with the basics, then traveling into the depths and roots of you and your purpose.

Here is a little understanding to get you started –


Physically, your ‘Experience’ flow down through your ‘Opportunity,’ into your ‘Lessons’.

Spiritually, your ‘Lessons’ flow up through your ‘Opportunity’ into your ‘Experiences.’


This goes for both positive experiences and negative ones.

As you go deeper, you start understanding what ‘karmic’ patterns are all about and why they play-out everyday.

As you go deeper, you start understanding what ‘karmic’ patterns are all about and why they play-out everyday.

Imagine, working with the bigger picture & Spirit, directly with what you need to strengthen and grow. It means you transform all your situations into “opportunities” to become a master of your own energy; to become a free soul being of service.

Or to say this another way, there is greater and greater ease in achieving what you want with fulfilling & fun.

There will be plenty of sharing and techniques.
Join us and lets set the energy going forward!

See you soon Team,

.  BlDetails and Registration for Tiger’s Tour!


Two Locations

Las Vegas – April 29th & 30th
5500 S. Eastern Ave. Las Vegas, Nevada 89119


Timing: Saturday, 9 AM to 6 PM – Sunday, 9 AM to 4 PM

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


New Jersey – May 6th & 7th
Courtyard by Marriott 1 Polito Ave., Lyndhurst, NJ, 07071


Timing: Saturday, 10 AM to 7 PM – Sunday, 9 AM to 4 PM

Price:  $250 USD early registration 3 weeks in advance
$300 at the door. Special price for IR and IR Highlights (zoom) participants. Contact office for details.


Prerequisites: To have experienced the 1001 Gifts & Guidance Profile and 1002A Blockage Profile. The1003A  Glandular Profile is recommended.