Spirit Camp starts June 11th
You are on a voyage; you are the mariner of the soul and of a purpose.  Once you accept it, you will find yourself sailing on great and deep seas.

Overview of the schedule this year!

JUN 11 to JUN 12 – PCC Retreat: Live your Purpose with Love
JUN 13 to JUN 18 – Week 1: Deepening the Waters
JUN 19 to JUN 28 – Profile Training for College Professionals
JUN 20 to JUN 21 – Week 2: Journeyman Moving Through Life
JUN 24 to JUN 25 – Week 2: Universal Family Training
JUN 27 to JUL 1 –  Week3: Swimming in Opportunities
JUL 2 to JUL 8 – Week 4: Water in Water out

10% if registered by June 5th. Promo Code: CAMPDISCOUNT

It is time to get regrouped and refreshed.
You are in the perfect place and in the perfect time; it has taken a tremendous amount of energy and experience to be here now.
The need is here and will only grow. Lead it by your involvement . . . starting from within.

This year at Camp, help build the freedom that is being inspired in the world.
It has begun and it will only grow. You are part of that Inspiration & Growth.

~Tiger Coll~


PCC RETREAT: Sat June 11 to Sun June 12
Live Your Purpose with Love

***SAT June 11 9am – 5pm: Begins Spirit Camp this year and it is a day set aside for leaders to present, regrouping, getting oriented, and social.  This will set the energy for the entire camp this year. Gather with others for the optimum healing retreat and camp experience.

Send registration for these events to PCCI as a donation, visit the donations page and select the OTHER AMOUNT DONATION HERE button. Saturday $50 all day, $30 1/2 day.

CLICK HERE to Register for Saturday!

***SUN June 12 9am-12pm: Discipline the Reverence to Be 699 – $45
We all seek purpose and desire to understand the systems on planet earth. Religions are disciplines of living that give a person guidance in organizing and directing their lives for a sense of fulfillment. Keeping our lives simple is the benefit of understanding the game of planet earth and all that it offers us in our soul’s growth. Realizing the unique value of each person’s earth journey keeps us humble and more effective when sharing our wisdom with one another.  Prerequisite is to have experienced the 1001 Gifts & Guidance Profile.

***SUN June 12 1pm-6pm: The Soul and the Body 610 – $75
A premise is a belief on which all other beliefs are built.  Beginning with the idea of us as souls before we entered our bodies is essential to building a strong secure foundation for spiritual growth. Exploring your current concepts and feelings about your soul and your body will give opportunity to expand your perception of the eternal nature of the soul and clarify your opportunity on planet earth.  Healing is intensified when you share with others through your true feelings.  A feeling of directed achievement is the result of consistently working more effectively from your duality as a soul with a physical body. Prerequisite is to have experienced the 1001 Gifts & Guidance Profile.

WEEK ONE: Jun 13 – Jun 18

***Monday, JUN 13 to Friday, JUN 17 9am-11pm: Groupwork: The Full Experience
Groupwork is one of the 6 major elements of Wayshowers College offerings of deep Spirituals growth and healing.  The comfort of a safe space, sharing on our personal experiences and a deeper look into spiritual writings make groupwork a profound healing place of rest.  The weekly format gives us the consistent opportunity to regroup our daily lives in a timely manner.  Whether a first timer or an experienced group work member here is your chance to glow!

***Monday, JUN 13 to Friday, JUN 17 1pm-4pm: Mini Spiritual Growth Courses
Three hour morsels of spiritual truth to inspire quick deep insights to specific areas of life.  Ideal for gaining understanding and solidifying the essential tenants of Wayshowers College.  Mini Courses are offered in every area of study including Inner Peace Movement, Astro Soul, Peace Community Church and Profound Mystical Meditation.

No Prerequisites.

$500 All-Inclusive 5 day camp experience!

All inclusive price includes lodging and meals.
Optional pricing, $100/day meals only, contact the office for details.

PLUS, stay on Saturday to get a full day of Energy and Perception Development!!

***Saturday, JUN 18 6am-6pm: Energy Dynamics Workshop $90
Techniques of Group work this course Truly helps you gain command of your situation and to feel comfortable with spontaneity.


PROFILE TRAINING: Sat JUNE 18, 2022 to Fri July 1, 2022
Flowing Rivers for College Professionals

Weekend 2 Training
***Saturday, June 18: 6am to 6pm: 1005A-D – How to Administer the Astro-Gift Profiles: Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling. Prerequisite being a consultant in the 1002A (normally need 1002B as well). Each of the 4 profiles Special Pricing for all 4: $4,000 First-Time (F), $1,500 for Refresh (R), and $1,000 for Lifetime (LR).

***Sunday, June 19: 6am to 6pm: 1008 A & B – How to Administer the Cycles of Life Experience Profile and How to Administer the Cycles of Personal Relationships. Prerequisite Consultant in the 1002A.  Special Pricing if you take both: $2,500 F, $750 for R and $500 for LR

Week 2 Training Available
***Monday, June 20: 6am – 6pm: 2004R – How to Administer the In-Depth Personal Concepts and Syndromes Profile.  Refreshers only. Prerequisite consultant in the 1002B. Pricing: $2,000 F, $500 R & $250 LR.

***Tuesday, June 21: 6am – 6pm: 2006 – How to Administer the “Personal Spiritual Regrouping” Profile
$1,000 F, $500 R & $250 LR


***Tuesday, June 21: 6am – 6pm: 1200 – Niche Profile,  Prerequisite is to be1002A certified.
$1,000 F, $500 R & $250 LR

***Wednesday, June 22: 6am – 6pm: 7001 – How to Administer the World Dimensions for Journeymen Profile
Prerequisite: to have experienced the 796 A Course and to be certified in the 1002A.
$1,600 F, $500 R, & $250 LR


***Wednesday, June 22nd 6am – 6pm: 1300 – How to Administer the Adventures of Service Profile.
Prerequisites 1001 certified.
$2,000 F, $500 R, $250 LR

***Thursday, June 23: 6am – 6pm: 7006 – How to Administer the “Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling Quali-Graph Profile. Prerequisites: to be certified in the 1003A profile.
$2,000 F, $500 R & $250 LR


***Thursday, June 23rd 6am – 6pm: 7013 – How to Administer the Living Thrust Profile (Guidance’s Thrust)
Prerequisites to be certified in the 1001 or the 1000B and in the the 7000, 7001 or 7004.
$1,300 F, $500 R & $250 LR

***Friday, June 24: 6am – 6pm: 7004 – How to Administer the Inner Guidance and my Spiritual Thrust Profile.
Prerequisites to be certified in the 1003A profile and have experienced the 784 course.
$1,800 F, $500 R and $250 LR

Weekend 3
***Saturday, June 25 6am – 6pm: 7009H – How to Administer My Spiritual Contracts Profile.
Prerequisites to be certified in 1001, 1002B, 7009G and 7004
Special first timer price of $3,000 F, $500 R & $250 LR

***Sunday, June 26th 6am – 6pm:
7008 – How to Administer the Personalized Spiritual Check-up of Lifetime Concepts Profile.

$2,000 F, $500 R & $250 LR


***Sunday, June 26th 6am – 6pm:
7009G – How to Administer the Concepts We Have About Ourselves Profile

Prerequisites: 738A – 738D4
$1,400 F, $500 R & $250 LR

Week 3 Profile Training Available around Tiger’s courses during the day.
***Monday, June 27th 6am – 8am and 7 – 9:30pm:
1001R How to Administer the Orientation Profile

$500 R, $250 LR Refreshers only


***Monday June 27th 6am – 8am and 7 – 9:30pm:
1003BR How to Administer the Percentage of Balance in the Glandular System

$500 R, $250 LR Refreshers Only

***Tuesday, June 28th 6am – 8am and 7 – 9:30pm:
1003CR How to Administer the Chakras Depth Chart Profile

$500 R, $250 LR Refreshers only


***Tuesday, June 28th 6am – 8am and 7 – 9:30pm:
1002AR How to Administer the Blockage Discovery Profile

$500 R, $250 LR Refreshers only

***Thursday, June 30th 6am – 8am and 7 – 9:30pm:
1004 How to Administer the Balance of Thought and Feeling Profile.

Prerequisite: certified in the 1003C. $1,800 F, $500 R, $250 LR


***Thursday, June 30th 6am – 8am and 7 – 9:30pm:
1003A How to administer the Percentages of Balance in the Glandular System Profile

Prerequisite: certified in the 1002A. $1,300 F, $500 R, $250 LR

Note: Continuation of the 1004R and 1003AR, if needed for first timers.

***Friday, July 1 6am – 8am and 7 – 9:30pm:
7000 How to Administer the Personal Thrust Profile

$650 F, $325 R, $250 LR

***Saturday, July 2 from 6 am to 6 pm:
1003D – How to Administer the Spiritual Compatibility Profile

Prerequisite: Certified in the 1003A profile.
$1,800 F, $500 R & $250 LR.


WEEK 2: June 20 to June 25
Flowing Rivers

***MON June 20 & TUE June 21 9am-5pm: Affluent: Journeymen Moving Through Life Course 796A – $120

Given a chance to live on a river you will find it different everyday.  Whether it be the speed, depth, color, temperature etc., it is every changing and mirrors the continual changes of our personal journeys. When we step back and look from the broader view we see there is clear direction and a continuity flowing as we navigate the natural cycles of life.

Our accomplishment increases when we tune into this flow and find ourselves meeting the changes effortlessly and making decisions easily.

Jonas E Salk, an American educator and physician said, “I feel that the greatest reward for doing is the opportunity to do more.” This astro soul course is designed to give a greater sense of accomplishment and fulfillment to our lives

Obtain a clear and continuous direction in your pathway through life as you move through the cycles.  Prerequisite is to have experienced the 1003A profile. This course is a prerequisite to taking the 7001 Profile Training.

***SAT June 25 9am-5pm: Introduction to the Universal Energies and Concepts of Planet Earth Courses 100A-C – $140
All 3 workshops are designed to give you a solid understanding for the energy patterns that flow in and out of Planet Earth each day, week, month, year.

  • 9 – 10:30am 100A: Universal Family: A New Outlook
  • 10:30 – Noon 100B: Transition Workshop
  • 1:00 – 5:00pm 100C: Concepts and Energies Workshop: A closer look at the energies and concepts and how they work in everyday life especially from a feeling level.

WEEK 3: June 27 to July 1
Swimming in Opportunities with Tiger Coll

***MON June 27 & TUE June 28 9am-5pm: Tapping the Source of Your Spiritual Alarm System Course 4454 – $300
Early Warning Systems have been found to have great value for our safety and well being.  A siren may not go off in your head when you are about to get caught in some not so good energies, but the signs are easy to spot when you know what to look for.

Feelings of loneliness, depression, abundance issues(too much or too little!) and fighting other people’s battles are places in thought we have all experienced  Recognizing these warning signs offers us a chance to step back and reevaluate our feelings, thoughts and actions.  Replacing these old habits with the ones we desire to experience can save us from a life of endless frustration and anxiety. Prerequisite is to have experienced the 1002A Profile.

***WED June 29, THU June 30 & FRI July 1 9am-5pm: Exploring the Electromagnetic Energy Course 725B – $300
Being Charismatic is the result of crystal clear energy flowing smoothly through your chakra centers (Charismatic: Having a personal magic, charm, or attractiveness of leadership arousing enthusiasm in others.)  This course is designed to help you discern how your thought and emotional patterns affect your electromagnetic energy system and realize  the full power of your thoughts and what you can create.

Here is an opportunity to remove crippling symptoms of resentment, regret, obligation, anger and yearning through participation in healing techniques. Delve into patterns from past lives that still affect your energy today and move forward freely to uncovering  your innate charismatic energy. Prerequisite is to have experience the 1002A Profile.

WEEK 4: July 4 to July 8
Water in Water Out

***MON July 4: Fireworks, Fellowship, and Feast!

***TUE July 5 & WED July 6 9am-5pm: Windows of the Mind Course 3004B – $200
Accomplish your true purpose by working with your inner and outer effectively. Open the window of your mind to exciting and refreshing changes in your life. Take this time to tap into the true inner power which lies within you waiting to express. Through the exploration of your relationships with society you will gain understanding of the effect of change on your personal energy. Prerequisite is to have experienced the 1004 Profile.

***THU July 7 & FRI July 8 9am-5pm: Explore the Spiritual Freedom Series – $300
Special SPIRITUAL LESSONS programs, Tiger Coll instructing. 

    You came into Planet Earth with a Plan.  The “plan” you chose was to help you grow in consciousness.  That means all your experience are contributing to that end.  In these rich two days we will be diving into all your opportunities, present, past and future, while discovering the hidden ‘lessons’ in them.  You will better identify what you are experiencing, gather what you need for your personal & spiritual growth and how to have greater affluence through them.
    You will be in better teamwork with Spirit in all your opportunities.
As a bonus, you will also receive an overview of the new ‘Spiritual Freedom Series’ Lecture and 2nd step.  The Spiritual Freedom Series is a College Curriculum that includes all of the community programs, into one program.  It is an opportunity for searchers to experience all of our departments in one.  It’s like getting a Bachelor’s Degree in personal growth and self understanding.  It will be a tremendous tool to bring the fullness & depth of accelerated spiritual growth to people. Be part of this wave of expansion!

Meals and Lodging Information – No Discounts Apply

Please register early for meals and lodging as this helps with planning.  Below are meal and lodging fees during Summer Camp:

Lodging – $75/Private Room; $25/night; $10/night tent or RV.
Daily Meals $27/day. Or purchasing separately – $8.00/Breakfast; $9.00/Lunch; $10.00/Dinner
If staying off grounds $5/day grounds fee, plus meals.

Note:  All meal registration will need to occur at least 2 days ahead and meal payments are non-refundable. Airport Pickup available. Please call the office to reserve an airport pickup (641) 454-6335.

If you have questions or concerns please contact the office, (641) 454-6335 or